Friday, February 3, 2017

The Ultimate Guide To Creating A Shared Kid's Bedroom!

Creating a shared children’s bedroom can be difficult, especially if you’re short on space. Even if you’re not short on space, this can be a tricky task for even the most DIY savvy individual. This guide is the ultimate guide to helping you create a shared kid’s bedroom, so you’ll be able to put something awesome together in no time.

Play It Safe With All White Furniture And A Pop Of Color
If you’re trying to think of a design that will work for both kids, you can play it safe with all white furniture and a pop of color. This sort of look works whatever the sex of the children, whether they are two girls, two boys, or one of each. This is a durable room theme that can last for years, as it’s impossible for the kids to outgrow it. This can be a neutral but fun way to decorate the room, as it’s really simple to add color and fun with bed clothes and accessories.

Invest In Bunk Beds So There’s More Room For Activities
Instead of having two separate beds, it could be a good idea to invest in bunk beds. Bunk beds leave way more room for activities for both children, so if they love to play together, this is a great idea. If the room is limited on space, bunk beds are usually the best option. However, remember that they don’t need to be facing the same way. You can create a fun, individual look by looking at bunk beds where the beds face opposite directions!  


Keep A Consistent Color Palette But Mix Up The Patterns And Decor
It’s totally possible to mix up patterns and decor to suit the children’s individual tastes and personalities, so long as you keep a consistent color palette. It’s easy to pick a color palette to suit both children, whether this is shades of brown and beige or teal and pastel orange. You can then mix patterns like stars, stripes, florals, and more. You can give them their own personalized, little space each without making any part of the room look out of place or clashing.

Sliding Door Panels In An Oversized Bedroom
If you happen to be lucky enough to have an oversized bedroom, one option is to introduce sliding door panels. This separates the room when each child would prefer to have their own privacy, but opens up when they want to play together.

Shelf Room Dividers or Curtains
Another way to divide the room is with a shelf room divider, or even with a sliding curtain. A shelf room divider doubles up as storage, so this could be a great way to store certain items and separate the room at the same time. A sliding curtain is only temporary, so it’s perfect for opening up the space when needed and then letting the kids have their alone time.

Give Each A Little Space To Call Their Own
There are a few different ways you can give each child a little space to call their own. If you have room, having two separate beds can be a way to give them their own unique bed set, as well as their own set of draws to store their things. If you have any room left over, creating a desk space for each child that is customized for them could be just what they need.


Use Similar, But Differently Patterned Papers
If you want another way to visually divide the room without actually dividing it, using similar, but differently patterned papers could be just the ticket! It’s a good idea to keep the color scheme, so the walls don’t look odd. But doing half the wall with one paper and the other half with another could be just the thing.

Completely Contrast If You’re Brave Enough
If you’re brave enough, you could even go as far as completely contrasting each half of the room. Have one half of the room a princess theme and the other half a pirate theme! If your kids are old enough, see if they want to give you any ideas for what they’d like. Then set out to decorate each half of the room whichever way they wish.

Find Something To Unify The Room
If you do end up completely contrasting the room, or at least making it a little different for each child, find something to help unify the room. You can do this with something like a colored bunting. Hanging this across the room will help to visually bring everything together and stop it from looking out of place.


Choose A Theme To Suit Both Kids
Choosing a theme for your kid’s room can be really exciting, however, it can be a little difficult if you need to pick one to suit both kids. Some gender neutral themes could include a TV show they both like, the zoo, the beach, or something similar.

Smart Storage
Smart storage solutions help to save space in a room where space might be an issue. Vertical space storage solutions include floating shelves, and even hanging storage. You could hang a storage piece on the back of the door to store different items. You could even have each child’s bed double up as a storage unit too.

A rug in your kid’s shared bedroom could help to create a clear divide, as well as set the tone for the color scheme. If the rug has both blue and orange in it, for instance, you could do one half of the room orange and one half blue too. However, you don’t necessarily need to divide the rooms like this if you have something to visually separate it.

Use these tips to help you create the kid’s shared bedroom that will make both of your children jump for joy! You can still make this room function and attractive if you use these tips. Have fun, and make sure you leave your thoughts below. Come back soon!

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  1. Some brilliant tips here, unfortunately our two had to have a shared bedroom, although I would love them to have a space they can call their own we discovered some great solutions to his when we were renovating their room. There are lots of space saving ideas plus when we came to chose their beds we found a great range of kids mid sleeper beds which have some brilliant space saving solutions, which also create an individual space for each child to call their own.


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