Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Coolest Holiday Destination is Ice Land at Moody Gardens! #Galveston #MGIceLand

I've been to many fun destinations but never one like Ice Land at Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas. Moody Gardens has taken the holiday season and ice sculptures to an entirely new level this year at Ice Land ~ the ultimate Caribbean Christmas!

If you think that you've already seen cool ice sculptures so there's no reason to see another, then think again and pay attention. Ice Land is unlike any other ice sculpture display you've ever seen, it's breathtaking! Moody Gardens brought in an award-winning Ice Carving Team from China to create this ice wonderland. These carvers traveled half way around the world in order to transform 900 tons of ice into the magnificent works of art for the amazing underwater adventure.

The first thing that you need to know before venturing inside Ice Land is that it's COLD! I'm not talking "Texas Cold"...I'm talking 9 degree cold, so bundle up! Before you walk in, the staff does offer you a very warm blue parka but trust me, it's still very cold inside. 

As you walk through the stunning display of ice sculptures you encounter an entire underwater exhibit that takes you on a journey from the shores of Galveston Island through the Gulf of Mexico and ultimately to a Caribbean Christmas destination that is simply magical! Visitors walk through 28,000 square feet while encountering towering aquatic sculptures made completely of ice. At the end of the freezing cold, but amazing journey, you arrive at the best part...a slide made entirely of ice! This slide isn't just for the kids either, adults (including me!) have just as much fun if not more than the kids. Although I did take a break to go inside Shivers Ice Bar and enjoy a shot of a festive holiday spirit. 

If you haven't had the opportunity to visit Moody Gardens Ice Land, then I highly suggest and recommend that this be on your to-do-list, and act fast because Ice Land will only be in Galveston until January 8, 2017!

Visit the website HERE for more information and to buy tickets online although you can buy them when you arrive! While you're at Moody Gardens be sure to check out the other awesome holiday activities such as the MG 3D Theater, 4D Special FX Theater, the Rainforest Pyramid, Aquarium Pyramid, Spongebob Subpants Adventure, the Discovery Museum and last but not least the Festival of Lights!

Be sure to connect with Moody Gardens Ice Land on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus!

**Thank you to Moody Gardens for the complimentary tickets and the most wonderful day at Ice Land!

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