Friday, November 11, 2016


From overcoming a fear of spiders to trying something new, Caillou empowers preschoolers to take on life's little challenges and to explore the world around them in this newly released DVD from PBS Kids! 

In select stories on this DVD, Caillou demonstrates perseverance, determination and courage. In "Caillou Climbs," he is nervous and scared to climb a rock wall at the local community center. After speaking with the instructor named Samantha, Caillou overcomes his fear and gains the courage and confidence he needs to climb the wall and ring the bell at the top. Also featured is the tale of "Caillou Roller Skates." When Caillou goes to the park to try out his new roller skates he has a difficult time skating. After meeting his friend Daniel, who is a great skater, he's determined to keep practicing in order to improve.

With seven stories on this fun DVD, your little one is sure to enjoy and be completely attentive to Caillou and his adventures! 

Stories Included:
  • Caillou Climbs
  • The Spider Issue
  • Caillou Roller Skates
  • Caillou's Shadow
  • Say Lettuce
  • You're not Miss Martin!
  • Cailloodles
Visit PBS KIDS for more about Caillou and other awesome PBS characters!

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  1. Oh, I haven't watched Caillou in a while. I remember this show from when my niece was younger. Kids would love this.


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