Friday, November 11, 2016

ARLO THE BURPING PIG arrives November 15th #HolidayGifts

Arlo the Burping Pig will be available soon and this is definitely one movie that the entire family can enjoy, so get ready for lots of laughs, squeals and a bit of barnyard belching!

When David and his family move to a new city, everyone is super excited...except 7 year old Talia. She's not as thrilled as the rest of the family to be in a new home and new city. Until she meets sassy Arlo, who's just escaped from the circus and belches really loud every time he eats! 

The funny thing is that everyone thinks it's Talia who is belching and that she's being rude! To make things even more interesting, the family finds a priceless, stolen Ming vase. This sweet, funny, and exciting "pig" adventure is one that will definitely make the whole family crack up and is the perfect way to spend a family movie night! Enjoy! 

Watch for ARLO the Burping Pig on November 15th on DVD (plus DIGITAL),
 Digital HD and On Demand.


  1. OK, I hadn't heard of this one. It does sound cute, though. I bet my nephews would enjoy it.

  2. Ha! This look fun! I live in Iowa and know some farmers who would get a kick out of this one. Looks great!

    ellen beck on form


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