Thursday, October 20, 2016

Spread some Holiday Cheer with A Very Nick Jr. Christmas on DVD! @Nickelodeon

Are you ready for some early holiday cheer? Nickelodeon wants to start off the most wonderful time of the year with this super cute collection of holiday shows, Nickelodeon Favorites: A Very Nick Jr. Christmas!

This jolly and joyful collection includes beloved shows like Dora and Friends: Into the City! and Bubble Guppies, along with new hit shows like Shimmer and Shine, Wallykazam! and Blaze and the Monster Machines. Whether it's racing to rescue lost Christmas presents with Blaze or visiting Santa with Shimmer and Sine, there's no shortage of holiday cheer and festive adventures!

This fun and festive DVD would make a great gift for your little one and would be the perfect way to lead into the holiday season. After all, who doesn't love these adorable Nickelodeon characters? They are always a hit in my home! 

Episodes Included:

  • Blaze and the Monster Machines - "Monster Machine Christmas:" It's Christmas Eve and Blaze and AJ are helping Santa and his elves load his magic bag full of presents to deliver all over the world. Crusher wants to open his presents early and sends all the presents flying away while sneaking into Santa's bag. It's up to Blaze, AJ and Crusher to rescue the presents and deliver them all before Christmas morning.
  • Shimmer and Shine - "Santa's Little Genies" It's Christmas Eve and Leah forgot to mail Zac's letter to Santa. When she calls on Shimmer and Shine to help deliver the letter, they transport her to the North Pole where Leah can deliver the letter to Santa in person. After Leah accidentally wishes Santa to a tropical island, it's up to the girls to deliver the presents and save Christmas.
  • Dora and Friends: Into the City! - "Shivers the Snowman" Dora and Friends help a brave but lost snowman named Shivers keep his promise of always going back to his friend Carolina.
  • Bubble Guppies - "A Very Guppy Christmas" When Mr. Grouper's van gets stuck in the holiday snow, Mr. Claws and his horse Snowflake come to the rescue. As snow falls and bells jingle, the Bubble Guppies will experience their first sleigh ride. 
  • Wallykazam! "Wally Saves the Trollidays" Bobgoblin gets his hands on the Jingle Troll's sack of magical wishes.
  • Wallykazam! - "Snow Place Like Home" Wally and Norville discover a lost baby dragon and have to help him find his home.

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