Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Walt Disney World Accommodations ~ Getting It Right!

With Moana opening in cinemas this month, I'm reminded that everyone, big or small, young or old loves a visit to WaltDisney World. But if you don't live close enough to drive there and back in a day, then you will need to make some arrangements for your accommodation. There is actually a huge range of type of accommodation available so it should be possible to find one that suits your need and budget. For some more detailed advice check out my guide below.

Do pay attention to what is included in your package.

Some people look at the official hotel packages and balk at the high price. But remember, that with most of them, your park tickets and some meals are included as well. See here for some info on Disney meal plans. This means that you need to measure these prices against the nonofficial locations while adding on the additional cost of parking tickets and the like.

Tip: Disneyland does season tickets. So if you are going to be there more than once in a year, it might work out cheaper to buy an annual pass than pay for your days separately. Click here for some more info.

Don't write off the local hotels

If you are looking to save money or traveling without the little ones, then the hotel in the Orlando area's make a great choice for accommodation. Ok, they may not have all that Disney theming, but most have pools and are close to amenities like restaurants. Which you can make use of when you come home from the parks in the evening.

Do check out the official campsites

Camping is another option for accommodation. This one suits both kids and grown-ups. There are official Disney campsites, in which you can use your own tents and RV’s. Remember these sites will be the closest camping locations to the parks. So they make a good bet if you want to get there early each morning, or if you need to bring the little ones back for a nap in the afternoon.

If you are traveling with the kids or some older members of your family, it is best to take to use an RV that is comfortable and has easy access. Travel trailers are the easiest RV’s to climb in and out of, so they are perfect for vacationing with both the young and old.

Do look at the Non - Disney sites

There are also plenty of unofficial RV and camping sites dotted around Orlando. It's worth checking out their facilities and prices and seeing which choice would work best for you and your family.

Do remember that you can take Fido along with you

One of the benefits of campaigning over a hotel room is that you can take your pets along with you. This is perfect if you have a boisterous pup that you don't want to leave in kennels for a long period. Just be sure to read the campsite regulations on pets here.  

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