Saturday, September 24, 2016

Refresh your pantry with healthy options this Fall! #Switch2BODYARMOR

When stocking my pantry or refrigerator with healthy snacks and drinks for my kids, I always look for products that not only taste great but that also offer an all-natural alternative where ingredients are concerned. 

BODYARMOR premium sports drinks are exactly what I want in my household and these drinks are an excellent choice for my growing and very active kids. BODYARMOR sports drinks contain coconut water, plenty of vitamins, natural flavors and sweeteners, no artificial colors and potassium-packed electrolytes. 

My two young sons are involved in school and community sponsored activities and sports, so having a refreshing drink that quenches their thirst, provides the perfect combination of vitamins and other nutrients and is available in eight great tasting flavors in addition to being low in sodium is a mother's dream! Many of today's top athletes are also choosing BODYARMOR as their sports drink of choice, including Mike Trout, Andrew Luck, James Harden, Buster Posey, Richard Sherman, Dez Bryant, Skylar Diggins and Sydney LeRoux, so if it's good enough for these top athletes, then it's good enough for my growing athletes as well!

Flavors Available:
  • Fruit Punch
  • Orange Mango
  • Strawberry Banana
  • Tropical Punch
  • Lemon Lime
  • Mixed Berry
  • Grape
  • Blackout Berry
My kids were super excited to try out the BODYARMOR sports drinks that I received for review and although I was skeptical about whether or not they would like them (they are extremely picky children), they absolutely loved them! So much that we made a special trip to our local HEB Grocery Store to pick up more! The are also available at Target. The kids love the flavors and I love the many health benefits that BODYARMOR provides for my family.

Now I can proudly say that BODYARMOR sports drinks are a permanent product in our pantry and refrigerator. As I start stocking up on different snacks and other healthy items for our household, BODYARMOR is one that is always on my grocery list no matter what type of weather the seasons bring. As a Mom, healthy options are always on my agenda although not always something that my kids take seriously or are even concerned with as a priority. 

Let's face it, most kids of any age don't think about the health benefits of something they are drinking or putting into their little bodies, but as a parent, we have to seek out the drinks and snacks that are good for them and give them the opportunity to reach their full potential as an adult. No matter if they continue to participate in athletic activities or not, the need for healthy food and drinks never ends. I have also tried the BODYARMOR sports drinks and even though I have never really liked the other choices in the grocery store, this one certainly appeals to my taste buds and my quest for healthy living! 

Try BODYARMOR Sports Drinks for your family and to make your first purchase a bit easier, print this awesome coupon! Enjoy!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of BODYARMOR Sports Drinks. All opinions are entirely my own.

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