Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Himalayan Salt Lamps ~ Beauty and Benefits! #himalayansalt

I've had one Himalayan Salt Lamp in my home for the last few years and absolutely love it. Not only is a gorgeous and a great conversation piece, but the health benefits are unbeatable. My family suffers from seasonal allergies and in Texas, that could mean several times per year that we are sniffling, coughing and just miserable, but since having the salt lamp in my bedroom, I sleep like a baby at night no matter what season comes along.

I was so happy to receive another Himalayan Salt Lamp so that I could also place it in other areas of my home. In case you didn't know, salt lamps are all-natural air purifiers, made with pristine pink Himalayan salt crystals that help to clean and purify the air in any room of the home or office. I keep my lamps on at all times so that the air in my home is consistently purified and we are free of those pesky allergies and it works wonders!

The lamps are also so gorgeous and give off a beautiful warm glow and they make awesome night lights as well. I'd actually love to have a few more and place them in every room for decor and health benefits. The Himalayan Salt Shop offers so many different styles that it may be difficult to choose which I'd want but they are all stunning!

If you'd love to have your own Himalayan Salt Lamp in your home, office or dorm, you're in luck! Right now we are offering a 20% discount to our readers using this Promo Code: USFAMILY ~ Simply visit www.HimalayanSaltShop and choose your new salt lamp!

Disclosure: I received the above product in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. All opinions are entirely my own.

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  1. I heard about these like 3 years ago, and just haven't boughtone yet, but really need to. I keep hearing how it helps with allergies and want to try it. And they look so good.


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