Thursday, July 28, 2016

Is the Presidential Election a top priority for College Students? #backtoschool #Casio

Do college students really care about the upcoming presidential election? Surprisingly, college students are more concerned about education loan repayment than who will be elected into office. CampusBooks, the leading textbook price comparison website, released results from a national survey this week that 8 in 10 college students are concerned about repaying their student loans more than the election. 

The national survey conducted by Campbell Rinker, revealed that 63 percent of recent graduates carry student loan debt and that two-thirds of students work full or part-time jobs during school. Students appear far more concerned about loans than the current political season, with a bare 54 percent majority expressing greater interest in politics due to the presidential election, and with Hillary Clinton essentially tied with Donald Trump at 12 - 13 percent supporting either candidate.

This survey also revealed that using apps is second only to texting as the most prevalent activity on smartphones (owned by 94% of students), Twice as many students own a smartphone compared to a tablet, and three times as many compared to a desktop computer. Not surprisingly, only 5% of students reported using their smartphone to make calls.

Social Media and Apps
  • About 33% of students say they spend between six and ten hours weekly on social media.
  • Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr have increased their footprint among college age account holders by double digits since this 2014 survey.
  • 25% of freshman are LinkedIn members, rising to 45% for seniors. Similarly, WhatsApp membership doubles between the freshman and final years of college.
With the new school year almost upon us, students and parents are embracing the new school supply lists and getting a jump start on fulfilling the needs of their students with some early back to school shopping. Included on lists all over the country are the need for graphing and scientific calculators like those offered from Casio.

PRIZM fx-CG10 ~ This model is revolutionary among graphing calculators with features that enhance users' understanding of mathematics, including a high-resolution color LCD screen with full textbook-style display, a picture plot that enables learning from real-life pictures, and a multitude fo functions that leverage the color LCD in graphing objects like dotted lines, circles and bars, and grid lines on graphs. MSRP: $129.99

fx-9860GII ~ Available in pink or gray, these advanced graphing calculators are the perfect accessory for students. In addition to the features and functionality users have always loved in Casio calculators, there are several enhancements in this model that are sure to please. It also features a new LCD backlight for superior visibility, and natural display shows expressions and results exactly as they'd appear in a textbook MSRP: $79.99

ClassWiz fx-991EX ~ Introduced as Casio's newest scientific calculator, this is the industry's first unit with spreadsheet functionality. The fx-991EX enables users to create spreadsheets with up to five columns and 45 rows (a maximum of 170 data items). This calculator is also able to convert graphs into QR codes which can be displayed on a projector screen, allowing both teachers and student sto work together seamlessly. MSRP: $19.99

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