Thursday, June 23, 2016


Join America's favorite summertime tradition with Shark Week: Jawsome Encounters on DVD (and Digital) from Lionsgate. For the past 28 years, Discovery Channel has captured the world's attention with Shark Week, an annual televised event that explores the ocean's most magnificent and terrifying creatures. Featuring 13 fintastic episodes from the 2014 season (never before released on DVD) just in time for the new season of Shark Week!

I remember watching JAWS for the first time, as a child, at the drive-in theater with my parents. I was terrified, yet so intrigued and still am to this day as an adult. The shark still holds the mystery, fear, and respect that I felt towards it as a young child, but still I watch the JAWS movies and Shark Week over and over again. This new DVD is just as intriguing and captivating for me and I've watched it with my 11-year-old son, who loves the magnificent shark just as much as I do. 

Get this new DVD at retailers everywhere and watch Shark Week on the Discovery Channel!

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