Sunday, June 26, 2016

Love Laundry Day with Samsung ActiveWash Washer & Dryer!

Laundry has never been my favorite household chore and was actually one that I would dread in the past, but since being fortunate enough to experience laundry with Samsung ActiveWash appliances, my tune has changed drastically!

With very active kids in my home, it seems like the laundry is never really done...I would finish a couple of loads, think I'm done for a few days, and out of nowhere, there's more in the hamper waiting for me. It was never ending! Now with the Samsung Active Wash laundry pair, I have cut my laundry time in half! The washer is HUGE and holds over 3 average baskets of laundry, which means less time washing for me...LOVE it! Thanks to Samsung's Super Speed Technology, they have also shortened the wash cycle to as little as 30 minutes per load, which is around 40% faster than other washing machines. Awesome! Wondering if this machine still performs adequately? Of course! Nothing is sacrificed and this machine is just as powerful and innovative as I would expect from Samsung. 

Can this washer get any better? Why yes, it can! The ActiveWash Washer has a built-in sink for added convenience. I didn't realize how much I needed and would grow to appreciate this feature until owning the ActiveWash Washer. The built-in sink in the newest model is larger and deeper for more optimized pre-treatment space. I use it to easily and effectively pre-treat and pre-soak clothing using the water jet and awesome scrubbing surface. Afterward, I simply pour the laundry and water directly into the washing machine drum and begin the wash cycle. No mess at all! The sink is even great for delicate items that need to be hand washed. 

This amazing washer has 12 preset wash cycles, 5 temperatures and 10 different options to choose from, all very specific to the items being washed. I love having so many options and being able to choose each function. For instance, if I'm washing a comforter, I would choose "Bedding" and if I just need to rinse and spin...easy peasy! Another really nice feature is the Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT) that reduces the noise level and vibrational level of the washer. 

The new Samsung Dryer is also an amazing home appliance with a 7.4 cubic foot capacity and a cool stainless steel drum. Again, the 12 preset drying cycles, 11 different options, and a vent sensor make my job a breeze! My clothes are dry in much less time than with other dryers and the features are so very convenient. For instance with the Multi-Steam Technology, I can remove wrinkles, odors, bacteria and static from our clothing in no time and this dryer is eco-friendly as well! 

Both appliances are sleek, innovative, nicely designed, efficient and very functional. I love the integrated touch controls and flat top (makes a nice spacious place to fold my clothing!) In a world of smart device, smart homes and smart cars, why not smart appliances too? The Smart Care app is easily downloaded to your phone and from there you can troubleshoot (not that I've ever had to!) and skip calling customer service when an issue arises. A speedy diagnosis and solution is in the palm of my hands! 

Check out all of the new and exciting Samsung appliances and make your life so much easier!

Thank you, Samsung for the opportunity to experience the new Samsung ActiveWash Washer and Dryer. Although the products above were provided to facilitate a review, all opinions are entirely my own.

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