Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Don't miss @Comicpalooza 2016 ~ a Fun, Family-Friendly Event! #Houston #sp

Do you consider yourself a nerd, geek, comic book enthusiasts or just love movies and superheroes? If you fall into any of those categories then you definitely don't want to miss Comicpalooza 2016!

Ted DiBiase let me try the belt out! 
Laurie Holden wanted to adopt my daughter!
This is my second year attending Comicpalooza and I'm super excited as last year was so much fun for not only me but for my kids as well. The guest line-up is expanding day by day and already includes some very talented guests. One particular guest that I'm looking forward to seeing is Norman Reedus who plays Darryl Dixon on the popular series, The Walking Dead.

Other guests include Paul Reiser, Tara Reid, Sigourney Weaver, Bill Paxton and more...way too many to name in just one blog article! Guests will have the opportunity to not only see their favorite Comicpalooza celebrities but will also be able to purchase photos and autographs as well.

To purchase tickets in advance, find parking or a hotel or to read more about the awesome line-up, visit the Comicpalooza website. There is literally so much to see and do at this 3-day event, everything from Quidditch matches, Cosplay contests, gaming events and of course a ton of celebrity guests to feast your eyes on. Don't wait! Get your tickets today!

Join the Twitter party Thursday, June 2nd  for an opportunity to interact with us and to 
WIN tickets!

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Disclosure: This post is facilitated on behalf of Comicpalooza.

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