Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Finest Hours ~ On Blu-ray & Digital HD for Home Entertainment!

This week, Disney released on of the greatest rescue stories ever told ~ THE FINEST HOURS!

This heroic action-thriller is based on the extraordinary true story of the greatest small boat rescue in Coast Guard history. Starring Chris Pine, Casey Affleck, Ben Foster and Eric Bana, The Finest Hours makes it's in-home debut packaged with a host of bonus features about the making of the movie and the remarkable true-life events that inspired it. 

About the Movie:
In 1952, a massive winter storm strikes off the coast of Cape Cod, ripping a T-2 oil tanker in half and trapping more than 30 sailors inside its rapidly sinking stern. When word of the disaster reaches the U.S. Coast Guard, four men led by Captain Bernie Webber set out in a 12 seat boat on a daring mission to rescue the stranded men, braving freezing cold, 60 foot waves, and hurricane force winds and guided by Webber's vow that "We all live or we all die." Packed with thrilling, larger than life action and anchored in a belief in the strength of the human spirit, The Finest Hours is a triumph!

This was such a wonderful movie and so emotionally that I will definitely watch over and over. There's nothing quite like a true story but when the story is not only filled with tons of action, but also such drama, it's a keeper! THE FINEST HOURS is certainly a must-see movie and one that you'll definitely want to add to your home entertainment collection. 

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