Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Innovative Gifts for Mother's Day!

This Mother's Day, give Mom something she will remember with unique products to pamper her in a special way for her special day!

Bumkins Finer Baby Products offers an array of items for the new Mom this Mother's Day. From stylish silicone teething necklaces, Nixi reusable Nursing Pads, Nixi Bamboo Nursing Covers, Nixi Cosmetic Bags and much more. A huge plus is that the Nixi line is also eco-friendly and perfect for Earth-loving Moms!

Whether it's a bad hair day, keeping bangs out of your face during a workout, or an impromptu night out with the girls, Violet Love Headbands is the perfect solution for the busy Mom. Thre are over 100 stylish colors and patterns to choose from plus each headband is absorbent, washable and made with unique "no-headache-no-slip" features, making them great for work, play, travel and everything in between.

The Sally Jane jewelry line was created by a Mom who battled Stage IV colon cancer while 7 months pregnant. Each piece has the Sally Jane signature bumble bee along with the inspiring message to "Bee Courageous, Bee Bold, Bee a Survivor, Just Bee." Available in multiple styles in both gold and silver, Sally Jane is the ideal gift for women of all ages.

Liquid Palisade by Kiesque is perfect for pampering Mom's nails. This innovative beauty essential is the ultimate at-home DIY manicure must-have ~ it's like painter's tape for nails. It provides a clean barrier that protects the cuticles and skin during nail polish application. Simply apply it around the nail, paint on your favorite color polish and peel to reveal the perfect paint line. Now available at Sephora!

Matthews 1812 House has a variety of decadent desserts that make a unique gift for Mom and can be shipped anywhere in the United States. From delicious cookies like the Triple Chocolate Cookies to succulent brownies like the Chocolate Chip Brownie Bar and salty goodies like the Parmesan Cheese Bites, Mom will love these mouth-watering gifts. Plus a variety of gluten-free, sugar-free, and vegan items are available, making them a great fit for every Mom.

This all new drink has been shown to promote overall wellness, making it the perfect gift for the health nut Mom. HFACTOR is a new specially formulated, hydrogen-rich water that may increase circulation, fight inflammation, improve allergies, promote muscle recovery and more. With no added sugars or harmful chemicals, the result is a crisp, cool and refreshing water with no added flavors. HFACTOR is the first hydrogen rich water in the United States.

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