Saturday, April 16, 2016

ECBC Sparrow Wheeled Garment Bag #TSAFriendly #Travel

When it comes to luggage, especially carry-on luggage, it's so important to choose the right bag. First and foremost, you need to be able to fit everything in the bag, without a hassle, it needs to be durable and to make life easier at the airport, being TSA friendly is a huge plus!

I have a few products from ECBC, so when I was able to test out the Sparrow Wheeled Garment Bag, I was certainly up for the challenge. All of my other bags from ECBC, including luggage and laptop bags are awesome...I couldn't ask for better quality, style or functionality from ECBC.

The Sparrow may not look like it has a lot of room inside, but surprisingly, it has more than enough room for what I would take with me on a weekend or even a week-long trip. There are multiple compartments, which is typical of an ECBC bag and a place for just about everything. For those who know me best, they know how much I appreciate organization, and this bag makes it so that I can pack and be organized. Love it!

There are three main areas of this carry-on bag with one being a compartment for electronic devices (and includes an ECBC portable power pack), another is designed to keep clothing nice and wrinkle free and the last on is a general compartment with pockets that would be handy for many different items.

I would have to say that the technology compartment for devices is my favorite of all in an ECBC carry-on bag. I can easily fit my laptop, the laptop charger and even my iPad in the padded compartments, along with my phone or phone charger if needed. The bonus to this compartment is that it's TSA friendly (FastPass System) and if you 've flown on an airplane lately, then you know how convenient this feature really is. When going through the checkpoint, you simply unzip the compartment and lay the bag flat on the conveyor belt to go through the x-ray machine. So simple! Instead of removing everything from your bag to place into one of the bins or trays and then repacking everything, it all stays put in the bag which saves you lots of time and hassle when flying. Awesome!

Now for the main feature of this cool carry on bag...the garment compartment. When traveling, you don't want to carry large bags but you want your clothing to be ready to wear when you reach your destination, right? Of course, you can iron your clothes at the hotel, but who wants to waste time doing that? Not me! Of course, you can still fold up your sock, undergarments, and casual clothing, but for your nicer clothes, ECBC has made it super easy to keep them intact. Simply leave your clothes on the hanger and use the compartment features to hold them in place. On the outside of the bag, there are also a couple of compartments, one being for your ID and another that would be great for a water bottle or something else that you want to keep handy for your flight or layover time.

Overall, this is once again, a great bag from ECBC. I wouldn't think of traveling without my ECBC bags and am looking forward to a summer vacation soon! 

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