Thursday, March 17, 2016

How Voucher Codes Can Help You Save on High Street Favourites!

As big a presence as online shopping is in our lives, there are still times when we think purchasing in a store is a wiser option. Clothing for example – yes, you can get a better feel for the quality and a much greater chance of getting the right size when you shop in person but are you missing out on a number of online benefits? Here are a few ways you can combine both when shopping online…

1) Guaranteeing Quality
It’s fair to argue that the world of online clothes shopping is full of duds – how many times have you ordered a garment and once it’s delivered, the quality doesn’t quite match the description given. One way around this is to shop online with tried and trusted brands – high street and store favourites that you’ve known for years. Using money off Promo codes when you shop with them online means you’re getting a much better price than in store, combining both value and quality.

2) Easy Returns
I think this is the greatest benefit of choosing the online version of a high street favourite over an online-only retailer. Buying fashion items online can be fraught with risk in terms of sizing and we often find ourselves sending those garments straight back again for a refund or exchange. However, if you’ve ordered with a store that has a branch close to you, you can cut down on the stress of this purchase by returning in store and getting your refund straight away.

3) Online Sales
We all love a good end of season clearance sale, but what you find at your local store can pale in comparison to what’s available when you use that same store’s online sale site because there’s usually a much wider choice of stock and sizes.

4) Online Only Voucher Codes
And now for the very best reason you should shop online with your high street favourites – voucher codes. These not-so-secret ways of saving money mean you can get a straight price cut off your purchases, even if you’re buying new season stock. Discover active Marks and Spencer offers as well as plenty of other similar savings on your favourite voucher code site and you’ll get a much better price than you over would shopping in the store.

Sometimes a shopping trip is just what you need to unwind, but if you just don’t have the time, shopping online doesn’t have to be second best. You can get top quality favourites at a much better price, and even if they don’t fit, the fact that you’ve used a well-known store means the whole returns process is so much easier!

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  1. while I still prefer brick & mortar stores since I am old school, I have done quite a bit of shopping online and really seem to enjoy it. Using codes to save even more money is a big help, and I hate paying for shipping so any promotions with free shipping are a big plus too.


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