Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Spread the LOVE with Skylanders SuperCharged Valentine's Day Cards!

Show your LOVE of Skylanders this Valentine's Day with Skylanders SuperCharger punch-out stand-up Valentine's Day cards by American Greetings. 

These cards are perfect for sharing with classmates and teachers and each pack comes complete with 32 regular cards and 1 teacher card. You Valentine will love receiving fun and tailored messages that are ideal for any Skylander fan with cards showcasing fan-favorites such as Dive Clops, Stealth Elf, Spit Fire, Trigger Happy and more! All of your friends will love receiving cards with greetings like "Too Hot to Handle!" and "I Only have Eye For You!" 

To make this Valentine's Day even hotter, kids can store their Valentine's Day cards in the easy-to-assemble Eruptor Valentine Mailbox! Awesome! The cards are available exclusively at Walmart fo $3.99!

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