Thursday, January 21, 2016

Skylanders Comes to Life in Kid Cuisine Meals‏! #SkylandersSuperChargers

I don't know about anyone else, but my kids don't usually need a reason to play with their food, although in this case, Mom will allow it! 

Activision and Skylanders has teamed up with Kid Cuisine frozen meals to bring even more fun to the table! Available now through April 15th, kids can enjoy Stealth Elf and Kaos-shaped chicken nuggets and Spyro and Dream Catcher-shaped macaroni as they play these fan favorites in the Skylanders SuperChargers video game. Included in the nine different Skylanders themed Kid Cuisine meals is a free special treat ~ Stealth Elf Skylanders Battlecast card!

Skylanders Battlecast brings the cards to life in a new free-to-play mobile adventure, set within the Skylanders universe. The game offers everything from collectability to strategic card combat, online PvP and an exciting single player campaign, appealing to both Skylanders fans and classic card battle enthusiasts. Skylanders Battlecast lets players create a team of their favorite heroes and build the ultimate deck of cards on their quest to become legendary Battlecaster in anticipation of the games official launch in 2016.

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