Friday, January 29, 2016

Shimmer and Shine make their #DVD debut February 2, 2016!‏ @Nickelodeon

Twin sisters Shimmer and Sine are Leah's secret genies-in-training! Leah always has some dilemma that she needs her magical friends' help with, and the genies are happy to grant her three wishes a day. As genies-in-training, they sometimes misinterpret what Leawh wishes for, and often times they will accidentally grant her wishes she didn't even mean to make. Each wrong wish quickly compounds into a crazy adventure. Ultimately, through teamwork, the genies and Leah find a way to fix the problem without the use of wishes. These episodes are too cute and definitely a show that your little one won't want to miss. 

Episodes Included
  • Genie Treehouse ~ Leah and Zac try building a treehouse but find themselves in over their heads. Leah asks her genies for a treehouse and is thrown for a loop when Shimmer and Shine turn her house into a house of trees.
  • Ahoy, Genies! ~ When Leah's bucket full of beach treasures floats into the vast ocean, leah summons Shimmer and Shine to help her retrieve the loot. With the genies assistance, a typical day at the beach quickly escalates into a magical beach treasure hunt, complete with a treasure map, pirate ship, and a talking parrot. 
  • The Sweetest Thing ~ When Leah wishes for help making cupcakes for her school bake sale, she and the genies find themselves stuck with a giant birthday cake, some farm animals and a river of cupcake batter. how in the world will Leah finish her cupcakes without any wishes left, or worse, explain all of this craziness to her curious and hungry neighbor Zac? 
  • Lights! Camera! Genies! ~ Whe it looks like Movie Night will be a no-go, Leah askes Shimmer and Shine for some movie magic help. But when they accidentally wish the movie to life, the turn Leah into a medieval princess with a flying dragon to tame in her own back yard. 
  • What a Pig Mess ~ When Leah's party food accidentally gets run over by Zax in his battery operated car, Leah needs to figure out what else to bring fast. Leah asks her genies for more Pigs in a Blanket, but the genies give her real pigs wrapped in a blanket. It's up to Leah and the girls to catch the fast little pigs and find a way to fix this hog sized mistake. 
  • Abraca-Genie ~ Leah notices Zac the Magician's magic tricks aren't going quite so well, so she calls on her genies for some real magic assistance. But Shimmer and Shine aren't getting the tricks right either and suddenly more than a rabbit pops out of Zac's hat - a whole zoo of animals. The girls have to find a way to fix the magical mess before Zac's big performance.
  • Dino Mite! ~ After searching endlessly for Zac's missing dinosaur toy, Leah asks her genies to wish up a replacement and gets stuck with a real live Apatosaurus. Now Leah, Shimmer and Shine have to figure out a way to fix this behemoth mistake before Zac finds out - and it all starts with a little bit of dino training.
Shimmer and Shine sparkle their way to DVD on February 2, 2016!

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