Thursday, January 21, 2016

KUSHYFOOT Keeps You Warm All Winter!

It's definitely winter and cooler temperatures have made their way into most parts of the world. Kushyfoot brand has some awesome, chic looks to help you show off your legs with winter fashion looks. Whether you prefer pants, skirts or dresses...casual or dressed up, Kushyfoot has it all from foot covers, to anklets, trouser socks and tights!

My daughter absolutely loves her Kushyfoot tights, especially the fleece lined tights. They are toasty and cozy and look great with an oversized sweater. There are so many stylish ways to incorporate the fleece lined and other tights from Kushyfoot into your winter wardrobe. Try the Diamond Tights, Fishnet Tights, Opaque Tights, Leggings or even the comfy Trouser Socks for even more fashion inspiration this winter season.

There are a few winter essentials that certainly need to be in every woman's purse or bag and a pair of portable ballerina slippers are definitely one of them! Kushyfoot Flats-To-Go are specially designed with a massaging sole and a built in elastic band at the heel for a perfect fit. These comfortable and convenient ballerina slippers can be rolled up and kept in a handbag for those just-in-case occasion. They can be easily slipped on when feet get super tired and need a break from uncomfortable heels or other shoes. These slippers are available in black, silver as well as black alligator and also leopard print and can all be worn indoor or outdoors.

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Disclosure: I received the above products in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. 

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