Saturday, January 30, 2016

#BearYourHeart This Valentine's Day with Snuggle! @Snuggle_Bear

This Valentine's Day, Snuggle encourages everyone to bear their hearts and express your heart-feld emotions during the #BearYourHeart Campaign.

Singers have crooned about it, movies have dramatized it, studies have researched it and now a just released national survey has documented the challenges we have expressing our heart-felt emotions and telling those we care about how we really feel. And no time period highlights this emotional challenge more than the 25 days between National Hug Day and Valentine's Day! 
  • Four in five people (80%) would appreciate a loved one showing them heart-felt emotion on Valentine's Day.
  • A significant proportion of people (37%) admit to being challenged when it comes to expressing heart-felt emotion to those they care about. and for men, the number is even highter at 41% compared with women at 33%.
  • Surprisingly, one in ten (10%) would rather go to the dentist than talk about how they really feel.
  • Half (50%) say writing it down is an easier way to express themselves than saying it.

To help the tongue-tied and closet romantics out there, Snuggle Bear, the iconic embodiment of all things snuggly and soft, is here to help people express their feelings this Valentine's season with the #BearYourHeart campaing. This intergrated promotion, social media and consumer engagement campaign offers digital Love Notes and Snuggle LOVEmojis to show those we care about how we really feel. In addition, Snuggle Bear will invite New Yorkers to bear their hearts in a rare appearance right before Valentine's Day! Awesome!

As one of the fastest growing brands in the fabric conditioning category, Snuggle softens both hearts and laundry. "Snuggle and Valentine's Day are the perfect match because both bring out the softer side of us all," said Bibie Wu, Vice President of Marketing for Snuggle. "This Valentine's Day, we're spreading Snuggle's message of making the world a softer place by providing people creative ways to share their heart-felt emotions with freinds and loved ones."

Starting now, and continuing through Valentine's Day, the #BearYourHeart campaign will give people the opportunity to express themselves to those they love through LOVE NOTES, Snuggle LOVEmojis and other engaging tools and tips!

For New Yorkers:
To celebrate the campaign, New Yorkers are invited to visit the Snuggle Bear Den on February 11th at the Flatiron Plaza by Madison Square Park. Snuggle will warm up The Big Apple with a full day of #BearYourHeart activites. 
  • Snuggle Bear will be on hand to meet and take pictures with guests and encourage them to bear their hearts. 
  • Guests can write a LOVE NOTE to someone special, take a picture and watch it become part of a beautiful mosaic with thousands of other LOVE NOTES which will be displayed on a massive digital screen. 
  • Guests can receive a plush Snuggle Bear of their own and get a chance to win the ultimate Valentine's Day experience package. 
For those not in New York, please follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and join in on the Snuggle Bear fun at

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