Tuesday, June 30, 2015

4th of July #Cocktails to Kick off the Holiday Weekend ~ @HornitosTequila

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What are your plans for the 4th of July holiday weekend? No matter what ideas you may have for celebrating Independence Day, make sure you spend it having a good time. 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Amwell ~ Convenient Online Health Care ~ #ad

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*This is a sponsored post with Mums the Word Network and Amwell. All opinions are my own.

There are always situations that call for medical advice but do not necessarily mean a trip to a doctor's office. Almost no one that I know likes to visit their doctor and when you're sick, you'd actually prefer not to go anywhere. That's where Amwell comes into play! Amwell is consists of a network of providers that are available to you online and is ideal for times when you are on the go or simply don't want to visit a crowded waiting room. Anytime you need it, Amwell is there to help.

Star Wars Rebels: Complete Season One on Blu-ray & DVD ~ 9/1‏ #Disney

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In the first groundbreaking season of Star Wars Rebels, young hero Ezra Bridger joins the clever but motley crew of the starship Ghost in their resistance against the Empire. As the series begins, Imperial forces have occupied a remote planet, ruling with an iron fist and ruining the lives of its people. Ezra and his new rebel friends -- Hera, Kanan, Sabine, Zeb and Chopper -- embark on daring adventures in their fight against oppression across the galaxy, receiving help from familiar heroes such as Lando Calrissian, Ahsoka Tano, and Jedi Master Yoda. Pursued relentlessly by the Imperials and a Jedi hunter called the Inquisitor, this tenacious ragtag band of rebels will find itself in the crosshairs of none other than Darth Vader when season one closes in a shocking two-part finale.

Star Wars Rebels: Complete Season One delivers all 15 action-packed episodes plus never before seen bonus material and cast/crew interview, revealing the magic behind the making of the hit series. 

This would be an awesome addition to your movie collection...available September 1, 2015!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Arriving just in time for #Halloween ~ #Disney’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey's Monster Musical on #DVD

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Join Mickey and all of his clubhouse friends in this fun and spooky adventure, just in time for Halloween!

Mickey and his friends are getting all dressed up for some spooky fun! Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey's Monster Musical arrives just in time for Halloween on DVD! On September 8th, you can put on your favorite Halloween costume and get set for a super spooktacular full-length adventure. 

Then enjoy two more exciting episodes as you search for pirate treasure with Captain Mickey and don your dungarees for delightful fun down on the farm. The DVD includes nearly 2 hours of adventure plus and Exclusive Trick-Or-Treat Mini Tote! Wow! 

Surf's Up! Watch Teen Beach 2 on #DVD! #TeenBeach2

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The waves have finally settled in and Teen Beach 2 has arrived on DVD! 

Hang loose with the crew of Teen Beach 2 for "wow-abunga" fun and enjoy this photo gallery from the film.

Check out this Interactive Map from #DreamWorks Dragons: Race to the Edge‏ #Netflix

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DreamWorks Animation Television's Dragons: Race to the Edge interactive map has just been launched for the release of the Netflix Original Series. Join Hiccup and Toothless as they soar beyond the borders of Berk and discover the mysterious Dragon Eye and new lands filled with undiscovered dragons in this Google Maps experience of Dragons: Race to the Edge!

Explore the Map HERE

Friday, June 26, 2015

#PeeHappens but Always Discreet is here to help! #IC #ad

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Disclosure: I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Always Discreet. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

When I was younger I couldn't imagine needing a product like Always Discreet, and now that I'm older I realize just how naive I was back then. As you live life things tend to happen and they are literally out of your control  and the ability to control your bladder is definitely one of those things.

Whether it's because you have a medical condition or because you're a Mom who's bladder has been through the stress of pregnancy and delivery, there's no need to be embarrassed about incontinence at all. Most of us have been through it! Bladder leakage if a very common occurrence, even for those who don't associate with either of those reason, developing a sensitive bladder can happen to anyone. Actually, 1 in 3 women in the United States experience bladder leakage for one reason or another. Let's face it, Pee Happens!

#Freelancers don't get scammed! #BetterBusinessBureau

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Have you ever received a phone call or a letter in the mail that just seems too good to be true? Most of us have and although we would like to believe that we've won the Nigerian Lottery or a long lost uncle has left us millions, many times those notifications are merely scams. 

I recieved an email from the Better Business Bureau about a new scam that is targeting Freelance Photographers. I'm not a photographer, but I can see this type of scam working for anyone who does freelance work. Read below for the details:

Freelance photographers are getting targeted by a new con. Scammers are posing as potential clients and fooling photographers into paying thousands of dollars. It's a new twist on the classic overpayment scam. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Enjoy Red, White & Blue #Cocktails to Toast to Independence Day! #4thofJuly @SauzaTequila

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The 4th of July...it's that one day a year that Americans from all over the country recognize and celebrate America's independence by watching spectacular fireworks shows, eating a buffet of BBQ and other tasty dishes, spending time with good friends and family and of course sipping on a few festive cocktails along the way. 

Make this 4th of July amazing with Red, White and Blue cocktails from Sauza Tequila! Whether you're hosting your own Independence Day celebration, having a backyard BBQ or escaping on a weekend getaway with family or friends, be sure to have a great tasting cocktail in hand to toast to your patriotism in style! 

Kick off Summer with Pirate’s Code The Adventures of Mickey Matson on #DVD #PIRATESCODE #FLYBY

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Summer has definitely arrived and with that is the constant dilemma of what to do with the kids! I have two young boys at home and although they love that it's summer time and there's no school , no homework, no early mornings, they get bored very easily. Their idea of occupying their time is to play video games all day but I am no okay with that and we have a schedule which includes not only video games but other activities as well.

One of those activities is that they can break away from the hand-held devices and watch a movie. This gives them time to sit down and relax for an hour or so...it's actually quiet during that time!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Lion King was released 21 years ago today! #Disney #LionKing

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Can you believe that it's been 21 years since Lion King was released? 

Hakuna Matata!!

Our favorite little Monkey is finally here! #CuriousGeorge #DVD #recipes

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Curious George 3 is now available on DVD! To celebrate another his new DVD and Digital HD, we have some awesome recipes for you and your little one to try!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

@POM Wonderful ~ American Ninja Warrior Smoothie #Recipes‏ #CrazyHealth #Sweepstakes

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POM Wonderful and "American Ninja Warrior" are collaborating!

Are you familiar with the hugely popular NBC summer series, "American Ninja Warrior?" If not, you're missing out on something good but if you are familiar, than you know that the series follows competitors as they tackle a sequence of challenging obstacle courses across the country. 

Together, two of the show's most popular competitors, Kacy Catanzaro, "Mighty Kacy" and Brent Steffensen, have also partnered with POM Wonderful and have inspired two Ninja-Certified smoothie recipes that incorporate POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice. Both of these smoothies are great for a post-workout snack and loaded with good for you ingredients.

Monday, June 22, 2015

We can all use a bit more #Collagen, right? #MaxiSkin @CountryLifeVita

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It's been just over two months since I started my journey with Maxi-Skin from Country Life Vitamins and I can honestly say that the results are real!

To refresh your memory or for those that are new to my journey with Maxi-Skin, this supplement works from the inside out to enhance skin elasticity, increase collagen and reduce the depth of eye wrinkles. It's more effective than the usual creams and serums (I still use my eye serums and creams in addition to the supplement!) that work on the top layer of the skin. I'm all for anything that is going to slow down or stop those pesky wrinkle and fine lines because I'm NOT a fan of growing old.

My skin is not only looking smoother but the lines around my eyes are not nearly as visible as they were a couple of months ago. My hair and nails are much stronger...no more brittle and weak nails and they are growing like crazy! My hair cut is fairly short these days and I've had to have it trimmed and shaped up twice in the last 2 months. Yes, I do want it to grow but I'd like to have a certain cut and shape that is still shorter in the back, so technically I only want the front part to grow.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Gadget Lover's Dream @BestBuy ~ @3DRobotics #SoloatBestBuy #ad

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*Disclaimer: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

Photo courtesy of Best Buy, used with permission

Gadget lovers everywhere need to make a visit to their local Best Buy store to check out the newest in technology, the 3D Robotics Solo Drone!

Photo courtesy of Best Buy, used with permission

Safety is Everything when Driving the Mitsubishi #Outlander GT! @Mitsucars #DriveMitsubishi

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Every time I am able to test drive a car, I fall in love with the car and this time was not any different.

I was able to drive this Mitsubishi Outlander GT for one week...was I impressed? Heck yeah! The Outlander was so roomy and spacious inside and with the third row seat, we always had plenty of room. As a matter of fact, I drove the Mitsubishi Outlander GT to Houston over Memorial Day weekend to attend Comicpalooza. With five kids, ranging in age from 5 to 21, the two hour trip to Houston was full of music, talking, laughing, whining and more but it was a memory that I'll always cherish. We rode in complete comfort so the trip was like a mini vacation.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Max & Ruby: Sharing & Caring on #DVD!

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If any-bunny knows about kindness and teamwork, it's Max and Ruby in this brand new collection! 

Having a brother or sister isn't always easy, but Max and Ruby show the importance of working together, and resolving differences in respectful and supportive ways, in the brand new DVD, Max and Ruby: Sharing and Caring. This DVD features 12 "tails," each with an important lesson that helps preschoolers develop important social skills, including kindness and listening.

I've always had felt great about my kids watching Max and Ruby because I know that no matter which adventure they are experiencing, there's always a good lesson behind it and they are teaching children good manners and how to treat others in real life. They are great examples! 

Max and Ruby: Sharing and Caring incudes the following episodes:
  • Picture Perfect ~ Detective Ruby ~ Superbunny Saves the Cake
  • Max Ride ~ Max on Guard ~ Ruby's Real Tea Party
  • The Bunny Who Cried Lobster ~ Max and the Three Bears ~ Little Ruby Hen
  • Ruby's Autograph ~ A Toy for Baby Huffington ~ Max's Big Dig
Max and Ruby: Sharing and Caring is available on 

The Turtles from the 2003 Have Re-Emerged on #DVD! #TMNT

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Search for Splinter and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: NYC Showdown are bringing some of the biggest adventures from season one of this classic series back on DVD in two exciting volumes.

In this 2003 version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, the turtles have massive adventures in New York City. Both collections include multiple episodes and are available separately for a great price! 

Ready… Set… GO! The Adventure of Chuck and Friends: Day at the Races on #DVD!

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Everybody, on your mark..get set... and race your way to fun with Chuck and his very best friends ~ Digger, Handy, Rowdy, Biggs, Boomer and Flip! Everyone is back for 10 more exciting adventures, so strap yourself in, sit back and enjoy the ride!

This fun, action packed movie is available on DVD and is a great story for the little guys in your household with lots of adventure, friends and a few life lessons. My boys are both fans of Chuck and his buddies and are especially excited about having this one on DVD. 

#Softsoap introduces the NEW Fresh & Glow Body Wash Line!

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Body Wash is a pretty important product to me...I have extremely dry skin and require something that is super moisturizing and hydrating. Otherwise, my skin feels and looks like a reptile! Ugh!

Softsoap recently introduced two body wash products that are exactly what I look for when shopping. Fresh and Glow Hydrating Shower Cream is made from 100% real extracts, sourced from milk, coconut, and almond. This unique formula has been proven to lock in long lasting moisture, so that you get healthy looking skin that glows. Those three ingredients just sound moisturizing to me...I love this stuff! 

You can have your BOOM and eat it too with Angie's #BOOMCHICKABITES! #Target

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Not all snacks are bad for you, I happen to LOVE Angie's Boom Chicka Pop Popcorn very much...it's an awesome snack that's actually gluten-free, non-GMO ingredients, and tastes great! 

In addition their awesome, delicious, calorie transparent popcorn, Angie's now has Boom Chicka Bites! These yummy little clusters come in four fun flavors and are made from ancient grains, popped sorghum and puffed amaranth. I received one of each flavor for a test run but as you can see in the photo above, my daughter snagged them from me very quickly. 

Get creative with Liquid Chalk Markers! #liquidchalkers

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If you are a fun and creative person or have kids in the house that love to draw and color, then you need to check out Liquid Chalkers. These liquid chalk markers are so much fun to use on mirrors, windows, glass table tops and any other similar surface. 

I received the 8-pack of Liquid Chalkers that includes green, purple, red, orange, pink, yellow, blue and white...every color that you need to create fun and imaginative drawings. Each marker is made with the best liquid chalk ink, the best marker body and premium tips. My oldest daughter and my ten year old son are my "crafty-kids" so they both loved them and had so much fun playing around and turning our mirrors and windows into art! By the way, they do wipe off very easily, however, please test your surface before getting to creative!

#INVESTIG8 ~ Mobile #Forensics Software Review

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Whether you are a concerned parent or spouse, there are most likely times when you wish that you could find out what a particular cell phone has been used for. If you haven't ever been in this situation, you are very lucky and blessed not to have these worries, but for those of use on the other end of the spectrum, INVESTIG8 Mobile Forensics Software is awesome!

Young Hercules: The Complete Series on #DVD! @ShoutFactory @RyanGoslingReal

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The early years of mythology's mightiest man are revealed in 
Young Hercules: The Complete Series!

Fans of Ryan Gosling will definitely want to have this DVD in their movie collection. In case you don't remember, Young Hercules aired on the Fox Kids Network form 1998 to 1999 and was nominated for three Daytime Emmy Awards. This was long before Ryan Gosling starred in The Notebook and rose to "Heartthrob Status." Even though my daughters don't remember this series, they are huge fans of Ryan Gosling, and were super excited to receive this DVD for review.

#DREAMWORKS Dragons: Race to the Edge ~ New Trailer! #Netflix

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On June 26th, the studio that brought you How to Train Your Dragon, unveils an all-new Netflix original series that takes Hiccup and Toothless to the edge of adventure! Watch the newly released trailer for DreamWorks Dragons: Race to the Edge!

Thirteen episodes of the all-new DreamWorks Dragons: Race to the Edge premier, exclusively on Netflix June 26, 2015!

Take this #Quiz and test your Father's Day Grammar!

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This quiz is brought to you by Grammarly.com/grammar-check

My Little Pony ~ Friendship Is Magic: Cutie Mark Quests on #DVD June 30th! #Hasbro @ShoutFactory

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Join the ponies for a quest of epic proportions on June 30th!

In Equestria, being true to yourself is the key to earning your cutie mark. Join Twilight Sparkle, Apple Jack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash as well as everyone's favorite Cutie Mark Crusaders, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, and Apple Bloom as they journey to find their own Cutie Marks, take on the spirit of chaos and disharmoney and visit a village where every pony has given up their Cutie Marks! It's all here in Cutie Mark Quests!

Curious George 3: Back to the Jungle on #DVD and Digital HD June 23rd!

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Who doesn't love a curious monkey? 

Everyone's favorite little monkey, Curious George is back and will be available on DVD and Digital HD on June 23, 2015. Without revealing my age, I have fond memories of reading Curious George books and also remember how much my older children enjoyed watcing Curious George movies. Now my two young sons have also had the opportunity to enjoy the adventures of this fun-loving monkey! 

Friday, June 19, 2015

@BagBlaze ~ Everything Under ONE Roof!

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Have you visited BagBlaze lately? 

This online shopping site has done some major revamping and the results are AWESOME! BagBlaze isn't just handbags anymore...now you can shop for all sorts of products on one site and at unbelievable prices. 

Are you looking for lingerie, athletic wear, accessories or maybe even cool gadgets? Look no further, BagBlaze.com has a great selection at competitive prices. 

INSIDE OUT - In Theatres Everywhere Today!!! #InsideOut #Disney

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The wait is finally over!!

@Skylanders #SuperChargers Introduces Turbo Charge Donkey Kong and Hammer Slam Bowser!

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Skylander fans everywhere are sitting on the edge of their seats, waiting for the release of SuperChargers...I know that my two sons are super excited! In addition to the new SuperCharger line-up. 

Activision has recently announced two guest characters...Turbo Charge Donkey Kong and Hammer Slam Bowser will be guest stars and will be playable in both Skylander SuperChargers and select amiibo-compatible games. This also marks the first time Bowser's been playable in a 3D game. Awesome! 

"Dads Beauty School" from @Goody! #DadHairDay #FathersDay

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Dads all over the world do so much for their children, including their little girls but as hard as some may try, doing hair isn't their specialty! This Father's Day, Goody wants to give Dads a little bit of help in the hair department. Little girls and Dad will love this and have the opportunity to sharpen their styling skills a bit! No matter if he's a hair-pro or a struggling stylist, the results in the video below are definitely worth watching!

Happy Father's Day to all of the wonderful Dads! 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Animation Explained by the Cast of @Disney's #InsideOut!

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In this NEW Featurette for Inside Out, the film's cast  attempts to describe what goes into making a Disney Pixar animated film. This clip is hilarious and shows footage from the film and interviews with the cast and crew. Enjoy! 

See it in theaters everywhere on June 19th!

Gift Ideas for the Athletic Dad on Father''s Day!

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With Father's Day quickly approaching, trying to find the perfect gift can not only be challenging, but downright tough!

For those Dads that enjoy the great outdoors and staying in shape, a combination of Champion athletic wear makes for an ideal pick. There are so many options to choose from so that you can mix and match the right outfit for your Dads specific work out routine. For example, the Champion 6.2 Men's Shorts and Champion Vapor 6.2 Men's Tee are a match made in heaven for the man who runs for fun, the one who is in training for his next marathon or even the one who spends his free time running after the kids! 

Another awesome option is the Champion Double Dry Short-Sleeve Men's Compression T-Shirt and the Champion PowerTrain PowerFlex Men's Solid Compression Shorts. These athletic duds are a must for the Dad who is looking for clothes that move with him during his hard-core work out. 

For the Dad who likes to dress comfortable and super casual, check out the Champion Authentic Men's Jersey V-Neck T-Shirt. This soft and comfy tee is available in a variety of colors, so get one for every day of the week!

All of the athletic wear choices from Champion are designed to go the distance for the man on the move!

Make Father's Day Memories that will last a Life Time with the @GoPro @BestBuy! #GoProatBestBuy #ad

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*The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

Most Fathers are super busy aren't they? They're working, taking care of the family and making sure that everyone has exactly what they need. In addition to all of their hard work, parents are still trying to preserve those precious family memories and special moments in our lives. Unfortunately, most have resorted to using their smartphone to capture every moment whether with photos or videos. Although this may be convenient at times, the family photos and videos are most likely not of the best quality. 

Monday, June 15, 2015

It's not too late to get Dad something he'll LOVE for Father's Day! #SauzaTequila #FathersDay #cocktails

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Father's Day is almost here and it's time to celebrate the man of the hour. Let Dad sit back and relax while you serve up some cocktails that are sure to show your old man how much he means to you. This day is traditionally celebrated with breakfast in bed, gifts of ties, mugs and bottles of cologne, most of which Dad keeps close to his heart but items that tend to sit on the shelf or in the dresser drawer without being used. Relieve him of the pressure of accepting those common gifts this year and give him something that will spice things up and give him a sense of who he really is! 

Whether you're looking for cocktail recipes to celebrate with Dad at home or searching for a unique Father's Day gift, Sauza Tequila has you covered! Try mixing up the ultimate Father's Day cocktails ~ Man of the House and The Big Lewbrewski, or tap into Dad's spicy side by getting him a bottle of the new Sauza Cucumber Chili Tequila. No matter which gift you choose, Dad is sure to be happy and appreciative with your gesture. After all, Father's Day is his day, so let's make it a day to remember.

Younique is coming to #Germany!

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Younique is coming to Germany! For the first time, you can actually buy Younique products in Germany by purchasing our New Presenter's Kit. It contains all of our most popular cosmetic products. Once you've tried everything, you'll be able to begin sharing Younique products with your friends on September 1st!

Well soon have both a German-language catalog and website so that you and your friends can purchase Younique products easily!

Visit HERE now for more information! 

Contact me and let's chat about you and Younique! 

Save $75 off summer camps at Digital Media Academy ~ #CreateTheNext @usfg @DMA_org

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Would you love for your teen to attend a great summer camp?

Give your teen a pre-collegiate experience or build their cofidence through project based learning. They will learn at some of the most prestigous colleges and universities throughout the United States and Canada.

Digital Media Academy was founded at Stanford University and ranked as one of the ten best summer camps in the world. At these awesome camps, kids and teens will learn computer programming, app development, 3D modeling, robotics, graphic design, filmmaking, and so much more. DMA summer camps are either one or multiple week experiences taught by industry experts and tech professionals and campers get hands-on experience creating projects by using the latest hardware and software form Apple, Canon, Adobe and more.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Looking for a few Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas? #FathersDay

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Father's Day will be here very soon and for those of us who are "last-minute" type of shoppers, never fear...we have a few awesome ideas for that special man in your life! 

For the Gadget Lover:

Some men are great in the kitchen, and love cooking, not only creating delicious meals and drinks for himself and the family, but also mixing up some healthy beverages as well. For this handy man, we have the Kenwood Triblade Hand Blender! No one can deny the popularity of juices and smoothies, and for the Dad who loves working in the kitchen and appreciates cool gadgets to work with, this is the perfect gift. The Kenwood Triblade Hand Blender features quality and versatility, ideal for chopping, blending and mixing. What a fantastic gift for the family's home chef hero!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Glow2Go Self Tanning Towelettes for a safe, natural tan! #thermalabs

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Summertime is here and I love to have a nice, glowing tan but with the dangers of tanning beds and even spending too much time in the direct sunlight, I have opted for a safer tan this year.

GLOW2GLOW Self Tanning Towelettes is one product that I've tried out so far this summer and I'm really impressed! I received a convenient super saver pack with 20 individually wrapped towelettes for review. It's really great to have them packaged this way so that I can open only what I need to use and even take them on the go easily. These towelettes are perfect for road trips or vacation because they take up very little space in a purse or bag. 

Cool Down with #Summertime Sips from #Skinnygirl #Cocktails

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As the weather heats up, it's time to cool down with some refreshing summertime cocktails. Whether you like a warm weather staple of spiked lemonade or iced tea (YUM!) or maybe something a little more tropical for a taste of paradise, Skinnygirl Cocktails has recipes that are delicious and guilt-free ~ it is bikini season after all! 

Are you looking to enjoy a cocktail without breaking a sweat? Skinnygirl Spicy Lime Margarita (brand new for summer!), White Peach Margarita and Original Margarita are the perfect trio to pack in the ice chest and simply pour over ice to enjoy with friends. These drink recipes are so super easy to make, it's actually fun!