Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Downy Ball is a Great Stocking Stuffer Idea!

Winter break is what every college student looks forward to during their Fall semester. Once it finally arrives, students have a month long vacation before starting school once again. It's also the time when home cooked meals and laundry are no longer their worry! Most of the time, Mom has you covered! With that in mind, Downy has the perfect stocking stuffer to help remind college kids that those luxuries won't last forever and to also make laundry day a bit easier. 

I'm not a college student, but as a Mom, I love the Downy Ball. It saves me time and worry when doing laundry. I can simply add the fabric softener toss it in the washer and push start. The Downy Ball takes care of the rest! Awesome! 

Dryer sheets don't usually give your clothes the same soft feel or scent of  a liquid fabric softener and although a lot of washers are made with a built-in fabric softener dispenser, they can easily get clogged and create a mess. The Downy Ball is a simple solution. Whether you're looking for great stocking stuffer ideas or need an effective solution for your laundry, The Downy Ball is an awesome choice! 

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  1. This IS a great stocking stuffer idea! And very practical too! I would also love to unwrap a bottle of Downy too, haha.


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