Friday, December 18, 2015

So, you think your money is SAFE at Chase Bank? Think again! #Fraud #IdentityTheft

I don't normally use this blog to bash any company or person, but now feel compelled to publish an unjust situation. I hate to see anyone treated badly and especially when it's someone close to me. 

Although I am not a customer of Chase Bank, my brother is (WAS) for the last eight years and was very happy with the services until now. As of right now, Chase has officially "ended the relationship" between my brother and the bank. Are you wondering why? Keep reading...

A few weeks ago he attempted to withdraw money from an ATM machine, knowing that he had almost $4,000.00 in his account, but the transaction was denied. He immediately called the Chase customer service number and found out that his account had obviously been compromised and he was left overdrawn. Not only was this a huge surprise, but as you can imagine, panic and anger sets in when you know that you deposited money, haven't used it, yet your account is empty. 

After several phone calls, being disconnected, repeating his dilemma to countless Chase Bank employees, he finally got someone in the claims department who told him it would be a relatively simple process to have his claim processed and have his money credited back into his account. All he needed to do was sign an affidavit for Chase stating that he did not authorize the transactions. Speaking of transactions, here is a list of the fraudulent transactions that Chase Bank allowed:

1. 8 separate checks from a Los Angeles trucking company were deposited in his account. All were fraudulent. 

2. Someone "called" Chase Bank and used my brother's personal information to transfer all of his money into another account. Yes, over the telephone! 

3. The other account just happened to be an old account that belonged to him but had been closed. Debit card destroyed. Not used at all!

Now, after a few weeks of countless telephone calls, a so-called "investigation" by Chase Bank, visits to his local bank and unprofessional treatment by almost every Chase Bank employee that he's interacted with, his claim has been DENIED. Reason being is that they say he must have compromised his ATM card and PIN number ~ to someone in Chicago! 

He knows no one in Chicago, has never been to Chicago, has absolutely no connection the LA-based trucking company at all and has no access to the old account since it was closed quite some time ago. Have you ever had access to a closed account???

The sad thing about this situation, other than my brother losing his money, is that he isn't alone. After a little online research, I found that the exact situations have happened to Chase customers for the last few years and from all areas of the country. One big common denominator is that the fraud occurred in Chicago! Isn't it also strange that Chase Bank is based out of Chicago and that in 2014, they admitted to a breach in their system and the personal information for thousands of their customers was stolen? Yet, they claim no responsibility for any of the loss. They actually have indicated that he was at fault, he authorized someone to use his information and account so that he could defraud their bank and after advising him to open a new account, have now notified him that they are closing the account and ending their relationship with him after over 8 years of loyalty. 

If you are still not convinced, do your one online research and see for yourself. Chase Bank may be one of the largest banks, but also one of the most dishonest banks around. If you've had a bad experience with Chase Bank, I'd love to hear about it...comment below with your story. 


  1. This is awful! I do not bank at Chase and what happened to your brother is so wrong. Is he getting his money back? I thought if fraud was involved that the bank had to give back your money. This banks treated your brother so wrong!!

    1. I agree far they have denied his claim. So, we are doing as much as we can to find a way to help him. They say he must have been involved in the fraud, which is ridiculous. Thanks for your support!


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