Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Imba Means Sings Documentary out Friday 12/4‏

On December 4th a remarkably warm and humbling documentary film called Imba Means 
will be released worldwide.

Imba Means Sing - When I Grow Up from eonefilmsUS on Vimeo.

The film follows three young Africans who have been selected to participate in the Grammy-nominated African Children's Choir. Their journey will uplift and inspire you and on top of that, 100% of the filmmaker's profits go back to the choir.
The children selected to be in the African Children's Choir are professionally trained to sing and dance. With their new vocational and educational opportunities, they are flown to the United States, Canada and the United Kingdome to perform in theaters, churches and community centers. Wise beyond their years, Angel, Moses and Nina understand the enormity of the opportunity they've been given and want desperately to do a good job. They are performing to raise money that will fund their educations through college. The stakes are high ~ their own futurs and the futures of their families rest in their young hands.

In an effort to raise awareness and support for music education locally and equla acces to education as a human right globally, IMBA MEANS SING will be released digitally worldwide 
on December 4th!

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