Saturday, December 19, 2015

Family DVDs for Holiday Gift Giving! #GiftIdeas

If your family is anything like mine, then movies are the ideal way to get the entire family to sit down together for an evening of togetherness. This year, Shout! Factory has released some awesome family oriented DVDs that would make great holiday gifts. 

Before Lady Gaga and Rihanna, America had a truly outrageous animated pop star in Jem from the memorable 80's pop culture series JEM and The Holograms. Best known for her iconic pink hari, star shaped werrings, musical numbers and 80s fashion. Jem knew how to rock her glamour, glitter, fashion and fame. 

The highly popular series JEM and The Holograms boasts elaborate subplots, complex villains, and a staggering amount of original music, with 2-3 new songs written for each episode. The series follows Jerrica Benton, whose discovery of Synergy, a powerful computer companion, allows her to trasform from co-owner of Starlight Music into rockstar jem. Teaming with her sister and best friends who from The Holograms, Jem sets out to make their musical dreams come true, even as she battles against the ruthless Eric Raymond and his musical proteges, The Misfits. 

Join the whole Playhouse gang for one of the wackiest specials ever! With laughs for the whole family, this unique, triple emmy nominated special offers all the imagination and charm of Saturday mornings's most outrageous TV series, which became a cultural milestone when it aried from 1986-1991. Pee-Wee gets into the spirit of the season with lots of singing, dancing and other holiday fun with his Playhouse pals and more than a dozen celebrity guest stars as you've never seen them before. 

Everything is going great for Pee-Wee...until his Christmas wish list becomes so long that there won't be enough presents for all the other kids in the world!  When Santa Clause pleads for help, Pee-Wee reluctantly learns a lesson about the true meaning of Christmas. 

They're the wildest, craziest, and most animated charcters from your childhood ~ and the perfect bunch to find popping up in your cup of cocoa this holiday. They're the festive friends from Nickelodeon's Out of the Vault Christmas, on DVD from Shout! Factory. This 10-episode collection contains such favorites as CatDog's "A Very CatDog Christmas, "Hey, Arnold's "Arnold's Thanksgiving," and The Angry Beavers' "Gift Hoarse." 

Guaranteed by Nickelodeon fans to be a way better gift than those plaid socks you've been pondering, this collection is the most hi-merrious present of them all. It's time to get out of the snow and into the Vault!  

The lure of Transformers saga begins a new chapter as Bumblebee and a team of Autobot action heroes embark on a new mission to protect and save Earth from a new faction of Decepticons. Hasbro Studios new top-rated animated series Transformers: Robots In Disguise, which airs on Cartoon Network, is the latest installment of Transformers franchise and builds on the lore of both the Autobots and Decepticons. Featuring an all-new animation style, this new hit series is filled with exciting, action adventures and great humor for fans of all ages. 

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  1. Blast from the past! This is awesome! I wonder if my kiddo would be interested it these great classics!


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