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Dora and Friends: The Complete First Season available on #DVD December 8‏th @Nickelodeon

Hola! It's time to join Dora and her friends on all of their original adventures with the DVD release of Dora and Friends: The Complete First Season. In this brand-new bilingual release of the entire first season, fans see their beloved Latina heroine living in the city, attending school and at the center of a group of friends who work together to give back to the community. Armed with a magical charm bracelet, trusty Map App, and the strength that comes from working with smart, funny, and supportive friends, Dora is always ready to save the day, solve problems, speak and teach Spanish while going on real life adventures!

Dora and her friends are super adorable and have always been big favorites in your home. From the time my girls were little and even now for my young son, this Spanish speaking little girl is always having fun and has some awesome friends to share adventures with every day!

With over seven hours of entertainment, this educational DVD collection features "Dragon In the School," a never before aired episode of Dora and Friends as well as a Nick Jr. Bonus Disc! 

Episodes Included: 
Disc One
  • We Save a Pirate Ship: To save the Pirate Festival, Dora and her friends have to rescue an old ship from nasty pirates who want its treasures.
  • The Magic Ring: Dora, Pablo and Naiya travel to ancient times to break the spell of a magic ring that's shrunk them.
  • The Royal Ball: Dora and Alana help take an eager, but nervous, talking box to the princess and find dresses for their Royal Ball.
  • Dance Party: Dora, Alana and Pablo help Celia convince her daddy, the mayor, to allow dancing again in the land of Baila.
Disc Two
  • Magic Land: Before their magic show can start, Dora and Pablo must face off with mean magician, Victor, to get Dora's Papi's magic hat back. 
  • Dora Saves Opera Land: Dora, Emma, and Pablo have to defeat la Diva of Opera Land to get back the last page of Emma's opera for her Grandmother's birthday.
  • Puppet Theater: Dora and Kate have to save the Littlest Piggy in Puppet Land before their puppet show.
Disc Three
  • The Search for Mono: Dora, Pablo, and Kate travel to a magical train station to find Mono, Miguel's lost lovie, before bedtime.
  • Dora in Clock Land: When the zoo clock breaks down, Dora, Emma, Pablo and four musical zoo clock animals journey to Clock Land to find a magic key to wind their broken clock.
  • Mystery of the Magic Horses: Dora and Naiya have to outwit bandits to save a herd of lost horses and return them back to the city farm.
  • Magical Mermaid Adventures: Dora and her friends transform into mermaids in order to prevent the meanest mermaid in the ocean, la Sirena Mala, from taking everyone's treasure.
  • Buddy Race: When Dora's racing buddy Alana gets hurt, it's up to Dora and her friends to team up and win a special buddy race that goes throughout the city.
  • Dragon in the School: In this never before seen episode, when Dora discovers a baby dragon and his mother living in her school's basement, she and her friends must defend the dragons from a wizard who wants to control them.
Disc Four
  • Trick or Treat: Dora, Kate and Emma must save the monster and ghosts' big Halloween party from a witch who thinks she wasn't invited. 
  • S'more Camping: While camping, Dora and her friends meet a marshmallow obsessed dragon with a bellyache. They must get him back into shape so he can defend a fairy world. 
  • Puppy Princess Rescue: Dora, her friends and their puppies all journey to Doggie Land to save a Puppy Princess from a gang of cranky cats.
  • We Save the Music: Dora, Emma and Pablo take three talking, broken instruments to Mama Musica so she can fix them.

Disclosure: I received the above DVD for review purposes, however, all opinions are entirely my own.

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