Friday, December 18, 2015

Comfort, a Perfect Fit & Giving Back is at the Heart of @Xpandasox!

I've always considered tthe holidays a great time to give and receive cozy, comfortable socks. It may be something that was a family tradition when I was growing up but is one that I've kept up with my children. 

As I said above, not only do socks need to be cozy, (and pretty!) but very comfortable. Unfortunately, not all sock meet the criteria. If you happen to have wide calves, then you know the struggle with finding a comfy sock. Struggle no more! Xpandasox has the perfect solution! 

After listening to feedback from customers that socks were too tight around their calves, CEO and Founder Sharon Thorp had an idea for an expandable sock. This innovative ideas was initially conceived for people with wider or athletic calves but are also included anyone with leg swelling due to travel, pregnancy, health conditions, etc...these amazing socks are also great for those with casts and braces. 

Aside from the wonderful design concept, Xpandasox also donates as many socks as possible to those in need. For every pair of Xpandasox purchased, they deposit 1 pair into their "Sock Bank." Socks are the most asked for item in homeless shelters in the United States and Xpandasox has partnered with Dignity U Wear, an organization that will withdraw socks from the bank to give to those in need. Awesome! This year Xpandasox has been challenged by Dignity U Wear to donate 200,000 pairs of socks by March 2016. 

Take a look at the Xpandasox website, check out the extensive collection of socks for men and women and do what you can to help Xpandasox meet their goal! 

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