Monday, November 16, 2015

Dream Letters turn Kids into Kings & Queens!

Does your child love to read and write? Do you see a potential author in their creativity? If so, Dream Letters would be the perfect gift for your child!

With Dream Letters, your child discovers a letter in the mailbox, addressed to them personally. This letter is sent by the residents of far-away land and unlike anything they'ver ever received. The entire story is written according to his or her will and your child plays the leading role in the magical adventure within the story. Here's how it works:

Your young reader is given the reins of the story as King, Queen, Explorer or Director as the characters ask for their help. In the letters, the characters describe events and ask questions which give them decisions to make, activities to complete, puzzles to solve, maps to complete, gifts, informative facts, paper toys and seeds to plant.

Your child then must respond with his or her own letter as the rest of the story depends on them. With one letter after another, your child continues to create a real interactive epistolary story with the upmost personalization, reading, writing and living a unique adventure. You won't have any choice but to call them "You Majesty!" and get into their story along with them!
Dream Letters enables children's infinite creativity on writing as the story of Dream Letters is completely decided by their own decisions. Even if your child is not thrilled about reading and writing, Dream Letters would be the ideal tool to get their interested going! Reading and writing have never been so much fun! 
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