Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Fractured, Funny Fairytale - ‘Last Wife’ Offers Humorous Glimpse at Later-in-Life Dating‏

Have you ever read a book that completely resonated with you? Most of us have at one time or another I would assume. I recently had the chance to read a book by author, Donna Arp Weitzman, from Dallas, Texas. Donna's book didn't have the typical storyline but is one that many women today can relate to while bringing a bit of humor to some of life's most challenging experiences. 

No matter their age, most women dream of finding their Prince Charming. And for some, this is a journey faced later in life after a possible divorce, loss of a spouse, or maybe just not finding that "one." However, at this point, mature daters are bringing a lot more "baggage" to their relationships and may not be the fresh-faced princesses they were in their 20s. Fret not, as "Last Wife" Donna Arp Weitzman is here as your fractured, funny fairy godmother!

"Disney may want us to think that their princesses are perfect, but no one is, especially when it comes to dating and relationships," says Donna. "For baby boomers and seniors facing the dating world and their Prince pursuit later in life, the pressures for perfection can feel all that much heavier as they bring along children from the past relationships, exes, ex in-laws and more. But guess what? Behind those crowns, gowns and glass slippers, Snow White has saddlebags, Belle may dabble in Botox and Cinderella has cellulite!"

This book hits home for me as I'm a recently divorced single mom. Although I haven't started venturing out into the dating world just yet, it's not because I don't want a partner in life. To be quite honest, I'm terrified of starting over and dealing with every issue that Donna has described in this book. She has definitely touched on the very issues that I'm concerned with and I can only imaging that are the concerns of millions of women everywhere. Dating in my mid-life isn't something expected to be doing nor even know how to begin doing. 

Whether you are a woman facing this later-in-life dating scenario or maybe just want a good read, check out Cinderella has Cellulite by Donna Arp Weitzman! Her advice has been referred to as that of a "mature Sex and the City," and she's also had the opportunity to share it with Dallas's Good Morning Texas and their local FOX affiliate, bringing with her humor, heart and always a pair of Manolos! 

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