Wednesday, November 4, 2015

2016 @Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Limited ~ A Smooth Operator! #DriveHyundai

Have you ever driven a car that runs so smooth and quietly that you question whether or not it's actually turned on? I had the wonderful privilege of driving the 2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid a few weeks ago and I can't even describe the enjoyment I experienced. This car is definitely the smoothest...the quietest...the sleekest car that I've ever been in or driven. 

First of all, the color is right up my ally. It's called Graphite Blue Pearl and it's gorgeous! The exterior has been completely redesigned with cool features like distinctive headlights and tail lights to set this car apart from all others. The Automatic High Beam Assist feature automatically switches from high to low beam headlights when an oncoming vehicle is detected. This vehicle certainly captures the attention of everyone around which was shown to me while in San Antonio for a media trip. The valets at my hotel were super impressed with this car and actually competed to retrieve it for me every time. They all wanted to drive the Sonata, only if even for a few minutes. Each one also commented on how quiet the car is when starting and driving, they loved it as much as I did. 

Is this a "smart car?" Why yes, it is! The hands-free smart trunk opens automatically when it senses the Proximity Key within three feet or three seconds from the back of the vehicle. This makes unloading or loading the trunk easy and convenient. In addition, this car can start, lock and unlock with the push of a button. Simply by approaching the vehicle with the Proximity Key, the car "recognizes" you and takes care of it ~ no more fumbling with keys or searching for them in your purse or pocket. 

Cruise Control is just as technologically advanced as it detects a vehicle ahead of you, within your lane, and automatically slows down so that you maintain a safe distance. This awesome car even has the capabilities to come to a complete stop and start again without driver input.'s one smart cookie! 

The interior features are equally impressive with so much convenience for the driver and passengers. The ergonomically designed interior puts everything within easy reach of both passenger and driver. Features such as the audio controls, phone controls, and cruise control are all mounted on the steering wheel so the driver's eyes never need to leave the road in search of the controls.

The driver seat is able to be adjusted with power lumbar controls for extreme comfort on any trip. Heated steering wheel, heated front and rear seats and air conditioned front seats are a few of the most awesome features I've encountered in a vehicle. Getting into a freezing cold car in the middle of winter can be horrible, but imagine having heat available in so many places to keep you warm while driving? Wow!

Even the navigation system, which is pretty standard in most vehicles these days, is impressive. The interactive 8-inch touchscreen provides directions to any destination with the SiriusXM Travel Link and lets you know where the nearest gas station, ATM or restaurants are located along with prices at each gas station. I was able to see traffic conditions while traveling and had the option to reroute due to construction or an accident for a quicker and safer ride. Listening to music was a dream...I had the option to listen to HD Radio (the 80's baby!) or even Pandora...all of this while charging my cell phone using the USB port. So much information and entertainment are at your fingertips!

My kids absolutely loved the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid and according to them, the panoramic tilt and slide sunroof is the coolest thing about the vehicle. Of course, that's coming from a 6 and 10-year-old who are experiencing the drive from the roomy backseat, so you decide!

Overall, this car was everything I would want in a vehicle and more...I would take it in a minute!

Disclaimer: I was given the opportunity to test drive the above vehicle to facilitate this post, thanks to Drive Shop USA and Hyundai USA.


  1. The color of this car is gorgeous and so is the interior! I bet it gets really good gas mileage because it is a hybrid. I think Hyundai is making some really beautiful fun cars to drive!


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