Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Power Rangers LIghtspeed Rescue: The Complete Series on #DVD

Join the Power Rangers as they battle the evil Diabolico in the 5-DVD Box Set,
  Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue: The Complete Series.

After five thousand years of incarceration, the evil Diabolico and his treacherous army of demons have escaped their imprisonment, and will stop at nothing to destroy the community of Mariner Bay and its innocent citizens. The new Power Rangers, empowered with top secret technology, are the planet's only home. Chosen for their expert skills, this unique team of five ~ a firefighter, an aquatics professional and a martial master, an accomplished aviator, an extreme sports enthusiast and a paramedic ~ is commissioned to defend Earth from the evil Diabolico and wage their battle from the safety of their high stake underwater compound and weapons laboratory, the Lightspeed Aquabase. The stakes are high!

I have four kids and all four are obsessed with the Power Rangers although each one prefers a certain group depending on their age, all of them love watching these shows over and over again. Power Rangers debuted in 1993 and quickly became the most watched children's television program in North America. This series emphasized the importance of teamwork, responsibility and helping others by following the adventures of a group of ordinary kids who "morphed" into superheroes. Still today, the Power Rangers are as popular as ever!

Disclosure: I received this DVD in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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