Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Kabobs aren't just for grilling ~ Make Halloween Treats!

Are you looking for a few unique last minute Halloween treats? I've been searching the Internet for some of the most creative, fun and yummy treats and found a slew of Halloween themed kabobs! 

Normally, I would have thought of making kabobs on the grill and loading the skewers with various meats and vegetables (sounds good!) but right now with the weather cooling down and the kids all hyped up for Halloween, I think a bit of the Halloween spirit is in order! Just so you know I haven't had the opportunity to make all of these and have certainly credited the authors for their yummy creations, but fully intend to test them out with the kiddos!

Grape Caterpillar Kabobs

Photo Credit: princessandthefrogblog.blogspot.com
This one is a simple as you can possibly get and would be ideal for letting the kids help out, not to mention a healthy snack!

Ingredients: Grapes, Mini-Chocolate Chips and Vanilla Frosting

Frightful Fruit Kabobs

Photo Credit: Sheknows.com
These may look like candy kabobs but it's actually chunks of fruit and other treats decorated to look like scary monsters. I know my kids will go nuts for these kabobs and would have a blast decorating them too.

Ingredients: Cantaloupe, marshmallow's, kiwi, melon baller, black candy melts, decorator icing eyes, piping bag. (Check out the full recipe HERE!)

Halloween Fruit Kabobs

Photo Credit: nourishingminimalism.com
With all of the candy that's about to hit the streets and your house, there's even more reason to make something fun and sugar free for the kids to snack on like these fruit kabobs. I can even see adding chucks of cheese to the kabob for an extra treat ~ my kids LOVE cheese!

Ingredients: Cantaloupe, black grapes (Check out the full recipe HERE!)

Needless to say, there are countless ideas for making kabobs anytime of the year and all it takes is a bit of imagination and a bunch of skewers! If grilling is more your kabob style then check out the Kabob Skewer Rack from Cave Tools. This set is awesome! The skewers are a flat design which has advantages over the traditional round design as food won't slide down...it stays just where you want it to be. The entire stainless steel set is also dishwasher safe making clean up a breeze and with the convenient hanging loops, the skewers can be stored just about anywhere, along with the rack. When using on the grill, the eight different skewer positions give you a full 360 degree rotation so there's no chance of burning your kabobs and there is just enough space from grill to rack so that food never sticks to the grill. 

Whether cooking out on the grill or creating in the kitchen, skewers are a wonderful kitchen tool to have around. Be sure to visit the Cave Tools website for the Kabob Skewer Rack and more amazing cooking and BBQ tools. 


  1. Oh my goodness these are the cutest ideas! The grapes look adorable and delicious!

  2. These are really cute ideas for making Kabobs. I like the Frightful Fruit Kabobs the best and these are fun to make with my niece and nephew.


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