Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween from Skylander Frightful Fiesta! @Activision

Halloween is for Skylanders too! As a matter of fact, several Halloweens ago, the legendary Pumpkin Pixies challenged Fiesta 2and his mariachi band to a duel of music in the Land of the Undead. The Pixies began with a bone chilling tune, but Fiesta immediately followed with a spooky song of his own. On and on they played, each song more haunting than the one before it...and soon, the entire pumpkin patch was dancing! 

What began as a challenge had turned into the party of the year! So impressed were the Pumpkin Pixies that they used their magic to  make Fiesta an honorary pumpkin for that day ~ and every Halloween thereafter!

My two boys have had so much fun playing the new Skylanders SuperChargers video game and are loving the new characters and vehicles. SuperChargers has taken the already popular video game and brought it up a notch, particularly so with the awesome and spooky Halloween themed characters like Frightful Fiesta. There are also cool Skylander SuperCharger costumes available ~ and not just for Halloween! My kids practically live in costumes and prefer to be in costume rather than their regular street clothing. I certainly don't mind because using their imagination and having fun is what childhood is all about, so bring on the costumes year round!
Fan favorite Skylander SuperCharger characters like Spyro, Jet-Vac, SnapShot, Wallop and Chop Chop and for the first time ever, the most evil evil-doer, Kaos! Awesome!

Looking for a Skylander Breakfast Idea? 


  1. The Skylanders game system looks like so much fun, and I will have to ask my nephew if he has this game. It looks like a lot of fun!

  2. Cool costume for kids! Hope you had an awesome Halloween!


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