Monday, October 12, 2015

DreamWorks Pictures' Bridge of Spies in theaters Friday ~ #BridgeOfSpies

One of the best movies of the year, DreamWorks Pictures' BRIDGE OF SPIES, directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Hanks hits theaters everywhere this Friday!

Tom Hanks is by far one of my favorite actors ~ he's versatile and plays all of his roles with unbelievable talent whether in a dramatic role or starring in a comedy, he never disappoints! Although date night is out of the question for me, I do plan to see this in theaters even if I have to go on a solo, mom's night out trip to the movies! 

In BRIDGE OF SPIES, Tom Hanks stars as the American attorney, James Donovan, whos tasked with negotiating the release of a U-2 spy plane pilot who was shot down over Russia at the height of the Cold War in this historical drama. His character is negotiating a prisoner swap with the Soviets, who have demands of their own including the release of a soviet officer in exchange for the American pilot. James Donovan is forced to abandom his life as a quiet insurance lawyer and put everything on the line in East Berlin Germany.

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