Monday, October 26, 2015

10 Facts about all of that Yummy #Halloween Candy!

Candy isn't just for Halloween, however, there is just something a bit more exciting about candy during the Halloween season! With the fun, boogedy-woogedy holiday just around the corner, we want to give everyone some fun facts about all of your favorite candies. Did you know that it takes over 2 weeks to make a single jelly bean? Wow! That gives a new respect for those little guy! Without further ado...enjoy learning some tidbits about your favorite sweet treats!


  1. I had no idea candy corn was originally called chicken feed and snickers was named after a horse! Interesting!

  2. Americans buy 600 million pounds of candy just for Halloween. WOW! That is a lot. And 400 million M&M's are made every day. These are some very interesting facts that I did not know about candy!


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