Saturday, September 26, 2015

The History of Rave!

Nowadays, rave is a term that is used for chaotic parties and life full of vices. However, it began as the underground movement for lovers of electronic music that wanted to dance and have a good time while listening to their favorite performers. Entire community of free minded people and DJ’s was formed around it, allowing people liberty that wasn’t present anywhere else. In time, electronic music grew to be one of the most popular genres and nowadays, entire shows with lasers, smokes, video beams and all sorts of special effect are created to facilitate these events. It became way of living that led to certain behavior, new types of clothes such as rave pants and fluorescent shirts as well as all night long, crazy dancing.

Chicago was the birthplace of electronic music. During 80’ there was a lot of experimenting with different types of sounds resulting in acid house which was created on Roland TB-303. This was a revolutionary bass generator which was very advanced for its time. However, given that electronic sound wasn’t as popular at that time, people weren’t so enthusiastic about this machine. DJ Pierre is regarded as the creator of this music genre. At that time, Music Box was one of the most popular clubs in Chicago and surrounding area. It was a home to many rising artists such as Ron Hardy, Herbert Jackson and Earl Smith. This was the defining period for house music which quickly spread to other countries.

During late 80’, house music was quickly catching up and gaining popularity. Finally, some of these tracks started hitting top charts gaining wider recognition. But, label records were still conservative and didn’t see this as a potential opportunity. House also became popular oversees, especially in UK. First big event was held in 1987 by Danny Rampling. He was inspired by a sound that he heard on Ibiza. Based on that, he threw a great party in a fitness center on Southwark Street. Unfortunately, this also led to some negative implications. During the party, there were many people who used a new drug called ecstasy. Up to this day, this drug is synonym for electronic events.

American scene was booming during early 90’s. San Francisco and Los Angeles were spearheading this movement. This shouldn’t come as a surprise given that both of these cities are known as sanctuaries for people with different views. Progressive artists made home in these cities. Clubs in San Francisco didn’t have curfew meaning that DJ’s could play music all night long. Due to this, there were about 20,000 people every weekend enjoying electronic sound, dancing in their rave pants. Besides closed spaces, parties were also held in the open air.

After some time, because of the drugs, these parties became notorious in the mainstream media. There were also a couple of tragic incidents that further stained reputation of these events. Nevertheless, rave parties were crucial for electronic music. They propelled it, making it what it is today. We cannot even imagine a modern party without some electronic beat in the background.

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