Wednesday, September 9, 2015

#Snuggle Launches #ShareABear Campaign on National Teddy Bear Day‏!

Do you remember your first teddy bear and the joy and companionship that it brought to you as a child? The positive effects of teddy bears are well documented, providing people of all ages with a rare companionship that very few other things can match. This is particularly true in times of sickness or stress as the teddy bear can help comfort and give reassurance. At any age, holding a cuddly teddy bear can trigger a release of "feel good" hormones! No one understands this feeling better than Snuggle Bear, who has been softening laundry and hearts for over 30 years. Snuggle's mission to make the world a softer place is especially meaningful as we celebrate National Teddy Bear Day today!

"As one of the fastest growing brands in the fabric conditioning category, Snuggle is focused on making the world a softer place," said Bibie Wu, Vice President of Marketing for Snuggle. "So it's no surprise that SeptemBEAR is one of Snuggle's favorite times of the year. SeptemBEAR is a month to celebrate the special place teddy bears have in our hearts, and we are proud to celebrate with activities that capture the warm and snuggly spirit of the brand."

Snuggle surveyed over 5,500 consumers to discover the true importance of the teddy bear in people's lives. Results showed...
  • 73% of people had a teddy bear as their first stuffed animal
  • 38% still sleep with their teddy bear but won't tell their friends
  • 71% still find comfort in their bear when sick
  • 54% have passed down a teddy bear to a child or loved one
  • 44% of people own more than four teddy bears

Small acts of kindness make a big difference, so starting today and throughout the month of SeptemBEAR, Snuggle is spreading joy and brightening everyone's day through simple, heartfelt acts of giving away teddy bears through #ShareABear. Snuggle is encouraging everyone to take part in the #ShareABear movement by sharing a photo, video or story of you and a special teddy bear in your life. As part of the movement, Snuggle will donate 5,000 bears through Random Acts, a non-profit organization, to help brighten the days of children in need.

To kick off this awesome effort, Snuggle surprised some special friends with a snuggly act of kindness by sharing teddy bears to help celebrate his favorite holiday and to encourage others to #ShareABear

We invite YOU to #ShareABear and tell us in the comment below about your favorite teddy bear!

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