Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Arkansas’s LGBTQ ~ Friendly Hidden Gem ~ #Travel

When you think of getting away from the chaos of life by escaping to a rustic, charming little town, the destination that tops your list is surely … in Arkansas? While that might not actually be the first place you would think of for an LGBTQ-friendly getaway, the town of Eureka Springs is a little hole in the midst of the Bible Belt where rainbow flags and pride run rampant. This easy going town in Northwestern Arkansas boasts diversity amongst its residents and includes a rather large gay population due to its accepting culture. It was the first city in this Midwestern state to endorse gay marriage and celebrates multiple Diversity Weekends throughout the year.

Visitors to this Ozark gem can enjoy the exquisite architecture that dots the cityscape and includes Victorian treasures such as the Crescent Hotel and Spa. Built in the late 1800s, the mountaintop structure was created from native limestone with great attention to detail and is set on 15 acres of land. Old fashioned trolley cars are another quaint draw, adding to the Victorian feel of the area while allowing visitors to travel through the town with ease. Learn more about Eureka Springs and other unique out-of-the-way travel destinations located both inside and outside of the U.S that offer an LGBTQ-friendly vibe by checking out the following infographic on hotspots and hidden getaways.

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  1. That is great to give LGBTQ-friendly getaway destination ideas! I'd love to visit these places myself!


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