Thursday, September 24, 2015

4 Essential Areas Of Home Improvement You Need To Maintain

A home is a reflection of its owner. It is enough to say that people who are in a better shape have more energy for chores, since they have more physical potential for keeping their homes in a maintained condition. However, in order not to disperse those cleaning efforts on too many things, the following four areas need to get special attention in home maintenance.

Guarding the yards

People who have both front and back yards can enjoy the view of the front lawn or barbecues in the back on weekend afternoons. The drawback of having two yards is the fact that they need constant maintenance. Due to the common abundance of plants in the front area, you have to prune your perennials, shrubs and trees every year (at different times; check this calendar) to keep it in a good shape. In addition, the paths that lead from the house to the street or back-yard sheds also require regular repairs.

Last, but not the least is the driveway, which can often get dirty due to a mix of bad weather conditions and spills of car fluids. It also has to be cleaned a few times a year. So, being a guard of two yards can be a demanding function.

Indoor and outdoor wood items

Maintaining wood items will make them last longer and it will also prevent them from being infested with insects. Indoor items, like wood closets, chairs and even window frames have to be checked at least once a year to see if there are any changes on their bodies. However, they do not have to be painted every single year, because they are not exposed to weathering.

On the other side, exterior wood objects and areas demand annual or biennial staining. Also, outdoor areas require more detailed steps in applying new stains. You can find a few deck renovation tips here.

Rooftop works

People often react when things are already getting out of control. Calling a roofer when heavy rains strike your area and water starts pouring down the interior walls will not solve anything. The roof needs to be inspected when the weather is fine. Only then will you see the real and potential damage and know how to react to it. Do a thorough inspection of the roof tiles to see if there are any cracked ones. Also, check the joists and try to find if there are any gaps around them or at their ends. The more protected the roof is, the more energy will stay inside the house.

Gaps throughout the house

Unfortunately, every home starts opening gaps as time goes by. The most common areas where we come across gaps are the loft, the basement and the parts around windows. The first thing what you need to do is estimate what parts are the most critical. Investing in all of them at once will cost you a lot of money. Those living in the UK should think about taking a home insulation grant to deal with gaps in the walls of in the loft. Treating all of them at the same time is too expensive and those government's deals can help a lot to make your home a warm place.

When you do regular maintenance activities, it is much easier to keep your place in a clean condition. Postponing cleaning activities always ends up with exhaustion and frustration of the owner once he or she really gets down to chores and home repairs. So, do it regularly and spend great time in your clean and cozy home.

Author ~ John Stone, Editor at Smooth Decorator

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  1. I believe it is important to maintain all of these areas of home improvement especially maintaining the rooftop.


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