Monday, August 31, 2015

PAW Patrol: Meet Everest on DVD TODAY ~ @Nickelodeon

Your favorite rescue pups have returned with a new friend and seven cool new adventures in Paw Patrol: Meet Everest on DVD, September 1st!

Meet Everest in her first ever rescue when she saves a stranded Jake, and be sure to check out her skills as she plows through a snowed over Adventure Bay and rescues deer from some slippery ice! Fan favorite Everest and high-flying rescue pup Skye embark on daring missions to rescue friends, protect animals and guard their community while going through the snow and ice. 

Everest is so adorable and a great addition to the Paw Patrol rescue team. My kids have so much fun watching as the pups race from one adventure to the next, rescuing anyone in need and this type of show allows children to see that helping others is a wonderful thing to do. As parents, it feels great to know that Nickelodeon is providing quality shows to our children and teaching them valuable life lessons without them even realizing that it's not all just for fun. Awesome!

Paw Patrol: Meet Everest includes the following episodes:
  • The New Pup
  • Pups and the Big Freeze
  • Pups Save the Deer
  • Pups Make a Splash
  • Pups Save a School Day
  • Pups and the Trouble with Turtles
  • Pups Save a Flying Frog
Be sure to purchase this adorable new DVD from Nickelodeon from your favorite retailer or Amazon!

Disclosure: I received this DVD for review purposes, however, all opinions are entirely my own.

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