Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Kids ~ What will it take to get them outside to play?

Sometimes I wonder how things have changed so much over the years and what a different childhood I had than my kids have today. When I was growing up, my siblings and I played outside all the time. Unless it was raining, we were outside riding bikes, playing softball and countless other activities. 

Now I look at my two young boys and realize how much time they spend indoors and on their electronic devices. I'm not saying that I'm against technology as I know that it's a wonderful thing and unless my kids grow up tech savvy, they won't have any worthwhile opportunities when they are adults. I, myself, work at home and am on my computer most of the day. However, if allowed, they would both be on their tablets or other devices all day long. 

This summer I have been trying to come up with new activities and fun to get them outdoors more often and had the opportunity to review a cool yard game called Rollors. This game is a family friendly game an is such a simple game that is very similar to horseshoes or bowling.

They were really excited when I told them we had a game to play outside and couldn't wait to unpack it. Setting up Rollors was so easy...included are two goals that you place about 25 feet apart (a little less in our yard), a measuring device, the "rollors" (3 red and 3 blue) and a convenient bag for storing the game pieces.

How to Play:
After setting up the goals, each player rolls a disk toward the goal. The purpose is to get your disk closer to the goal than the opposing team's disk. The team to reach 21 points first wins! 

It took a bit of practice for my younger son but after a couple of rounds he had it down with no problem and they both really enjoyed it! This is a fun outdoor game to have around for family gatherings, BBQ's or anytime a small group is together. I can't get them outside as much as I would like to, but now that they have a few new and fun activities they are enjoying the summer outside of the house a little more! 

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  1. Swimming!!! Frisbee, softball, horseshoes, badminton... =)

  2. Im in Texas, outside fun is best around water so that's what my family and I enjoy most is swimming BUT when it starts getting closer to the fall months and the killer heat lets up we LOVE playing horse shoes or volley ball.


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