Tuesday, August 4, 2015

#illuMask ~ Anti-Acne Light Therapy Mask

Having an acne problem is tough and especially when you are a teenager. When I was young, I suffered from occasional acne break-outs and now my daughter struggles as well. Over the years we have tried countless over the counter and prescription medications and nothing has cleared this condition enough for her to be confident and satisfied with her skin. 

When I received the illuMask and showed it to her, she was a little apprehensive as it is an actual mask. At first she did feel silly and kind of like she was playing dress up but after the initial concerns, she has become very appreciative of this mask! 

The illuMask uses only safe, gentle and effective NON-UV light and is safe and cleared by the FDA. There's no need to use oils, creams or other harsh chemicals that tend to dry out the skin because the LED light therapy does all of the work. The BLUE light begins killing acne bacteria immediately from the first time worn and the RED light helps to reduce any redness or inflammation on the skin.

Doesn't she look pretty!
IlluMask Features:
  • No side effects or down time
  • An FDA cleared medical device
  • Uses safe, gentle and effective Non-UV light
  • Easy to use as pushing a button
  • Best results when used daily
My daughter has been using the IlluMask for a little over a month and we are very a happy with the results. Her acne condition has cleared up considerably and she feels great! The IlluMask is so easy to use and once the button is pushed and the mask begins to do the work, the user is free to do whatever they need or want to do. No hands are needed, although my daughter took this opportunity to rest or nap for the 15 minutes of acne therapy. The IlluMask shuts off automatically when the session is over so napping is optional! To make the mask more "her own" it came with a sheet of cute stickers. 

As you can see, her skin is beautiful and clear of the acne. She couldn't be happier with the results and although the experience was successful and positive, she opted not to post a photo of herself before the treatment. 

Disclosure: I received a free illuMask to review through my relationship with the Quality Blue Community. All opinions are my own.

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