Sunday, August 9, 2015

Don't be caught without travel essentials this summer! #summertravel

Chances are that there is still at least one summer trip planned before school starts. I know that my family and I have a couple of mini-vacations in the works and plan to head out on the road for a few days of fun and sun!

When packing for a trip, whether a weekend getaway or a two week family vacation, I tend to over do it. I pack so much more than we ever need or use, but my motto is that it's better to be safe than sorry. To keep things on track I always make a check list for myself prior packing for a road trip or vacation. This list ensures that I don't forget anything and that we are caught off guard in the middle of all of the fun. I've listed a few of my top travel essentials below:

1. Many times someone has needed something for a headache, back pain or even a hangover while traveling and if not prepared that means everything must stop so we can find a store and purchase something for the health issue. Fortunately for my family I'm fully prepared!

Fast Aid Shot Therapy has come up with a line of compact and convenient FDA-compliant single dose liquid medications that help to relieve pain and other common ailments FAST! They are so small that the bottles will easily fit into a suitcase, purse, carry-on or beach bag. First Aid Shot Therapy's liquid formula make it easy to take and get relief need for pills and water to wash it down, this medication is quick and easy!

2. Sunscreen is vital! Depending one when and where you plan to be, if there is any chance of spending time in the sun, everyone needs sunscreen. We plan to head to the coast later this month and I'll be sure to pack more than enough of this skin protecting spray.

3. With all of the various devices being used in my household, having extra chargers and batteries is one of the first items on my list. Being stuck without a properly charged cell phone or camera could certainly put a damper on things and buying batteries and chargers on the go gets super expensive!

4. If you wear contact lenses or glasses you know how important it is to have an extra set or two with you on a trip. If I were to rip or lose a contact lens without having an extra pair or maybe my glasses, I couldn't function properly. I not only pack those two items but also an extra contact lens case.

5. Kids or not, people are messy! That's why I always pack (and have on-hand) baby wipes or anti-bacterial wipes. I not only pack them but keep a small package in my car for emergencies. There are so many uses for wipes and antibacterial gel as well.

Although every family has different needs, there are a few items that should be considered essential when traveling. Give yourself time to think and plan your check list so that you have a great time!


  1. Thanks for sharing this post, my family and I are going on vacation next week and I'll be sure to pack the right stuff! :)

    Amanda V.

    1. That's great...have fun and be safe!

    2. Thanks, we're packing the FAst Aid too...never travel without it.


  2. I love the Shot Therapy...use it often.

    Alannah V.


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