Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Choose Shoes that Your Feet Will Love!

When it comes to shoes, there are countless styles and types available and when you are shopping for athletic shoes, the choices can be absolutely overwhelming.  

I have been walking in park (and sometimes running) for a couple of years for some much needed exercise. When I first began walking I wore whatever athletic shoes I had in my closet but quickly realized that not all shoes are alike. Between aching feet and blisters, the pain is definitely not worth settling for a cheap or ill-fitting shoe. It's so much easier when choosing shoes for long as they look "cool" and are within Mom's budget, they are good to go! With so many choices out there, I sometimes feel like I need a degree to make an educated decision. Instead I've done a bit of research and come up with a few tips for choosing the correct athletic shoes.

The first thing to consider is the activity that you will be doing while wearing the shoes. Athletic shoes are all designed for a specific purpose that meet the needs of your feet. For instance those super cute or awesome looking shoes on the shelf may be stylish but if they aren't made for running, don't buy them. For example, trail running shoes are made with more support around the ankles and grips on the soles which is a bit different than regular running shoes. They are also slightly heavier and sturdier in order to handle the rougher terrain. 

If Crossfit is your workout of choice, then that's an entirely different type of shoe. For this exhilarating workout, you need a shoe that can keep up with the challenging demands of your body, especially where your feet are concerned. Although there are numerous brands of Crossfit shoes on the market today, many people have felt the benefits after purchasing a pair of Bespoke Crossfit shoes. The point is to buy what is best for your feet while taking care of your body and keeping fit.

Don't assume that you wear a size 9 just because the last pair of shoes you purchased were that particular size. Even as adults our feet grow and change due to many things such as pregnancy, weight gain or weight loss, so it's always necessary to have your foot measured and fitted when buying new shoes. Another tip is to wear or bring your own socks. Not all socks are the same and the disposable socks at the store may not be the proper thickness nor the same as you will be wearing,which means the shoe will fit much differently once you leave the store.

Also consider your arch pattern when purchasing new shoes. If your feet are constantly in pain, it may be a result of the shoes you're wearing and the lack of support. In some cases, (like me!), one foot is slightly larger than the other. If your right foot is a different size than your left foot, it's better to purchase shoes to fit the bigger size rather than the smaller size. Unfortunately, most stores don't allow you to purchase mix-matched shoes, so this has always worked for me!

This is a biggie in my household because as much as I would love to have the latest, high-end shoes, I know that I really can't afford them. Before I shop for shoes (or anything else for that matter), I know how much I'm willing to spend. Trying on shoes that cost more than I've budgeted for is not only a waste of my time but also frustrating and a little depressing! I watch for sales and seek out coupons or special discounts so that I can get what I need or want for the price I can afford and all without sacrificing my precious feet.

Ultimately, the right type of shoe, ideal size and budgeted price are important and no matter what type or workout or activity is involved, you should always take care of your feet! Emoji


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