Saturday, August 22, 2015

Anti-Aging Solutions for Younger Looking Skin!

Wishing to look young, beautiful and strong is in human nature. All of these are signs of healthy organism and they show how much we care about ourselves and are willing to invest in our well-being. These things make us attractive to opposite sex, confident and they give us a chance to develop as a being. It is a real shame that our youth must come to an end. As we grow older, body is no longer able to maintain its youthful appearance. We are no longer able to synthesize different matters that are important for sustainability of cellular structure. This can be easily seen through various diseases and conditions that are affecting older people. Among other things, our skin starts suffering and wrinkles appear after a while. Luckily, there are different esthetic procedures at our disposal that allow us to treat this issue. Perhaps the best one of them is use of medical fillers. 

Medical or esthetic fillers are one of the newest treatments that allow us to fill gaps in our skin and by doing so, remove wrinkles. Furthermore, these medicines can easily be used to cover acne and scars. Standard medical fillers, like Juvederm Ultra 4, are used for lower regions of face such as nasolabial folds, corners of the mouth, lips and jaw. Some doctors also use it for treatment of cleavage and neck area but this procedure is much more risky because of many blood vessels that are present in these regions. When a patient uses Juvederm Ultra 4, he is injecting a drug which is based on purified hyaluronic acid. Together with elastin and collagen, this is the most important substance within the skin. It can also be found in connective tissue. In a young body, when water reaches our skin, it is being absorbed by this substance. This mixture inflates the skin and through water, it gives it important nutrients. As the body grows older, organism is no longer able to create adequate amount of hyaluronic acid. This makes skin look dry and unhealthy.

There are many different things that made medical filler treatment so popular. First and foremost, this is one of the least harmful esthetic and even medical treatments. All the drugs that are used for it are based on natural, purified substances. This means that body is able to absorb them without any problem and they do not leave any residues within the organism. According to Doctor Medica, Juvederm Ultra 4 can last up to 12 months within a body. This is good for two reasons. First, you won’t be forced to constantly visit a doctor and second, there is an option to abort if you do not like the results. Procedure lasts for 15 minutes during which doctor uses thin, fine needles to inject content of the drug into patient’s skin. Recovery process is negligible. Only thing that a patient needs to be careful about is to avoid skin irritation. Side effects are minimal and they usually include redness and swelling that disappears within a week after the treatment.

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