Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Staying Healthy when it's HOT outside can be EASY! #CascadeIce #Summer

Lately I've been talking a lot about summer survival and considering I live in a state that boasts sweltering, humid summer days (and nights!), it is naturally a subject that I think about quite a bit!

Surviving the summer heat is entirely possible and escaping the extreme heat without some level of heat exhaustion or a trip to the emergency room can be avoided with the right tools and a bit of planning. One thing that is vital to remaining healthy during this long, drawn out warm weather is to stay hydrated. Yup! This is extremely important. I can't even remember how many times I've gone outside to merely mow the lawn and ended up with heat exhaustion. 

For the most part I am to blame for not taking time to ensure that I was hydrated and prepared. I honestly don't really like water. Really! Yes, it's cool and refreshing but it just blah! I drink it but the idea of drinking several bottles of water per day almost seems like torture to me as I LOVE my Iced Tea. The House Wine of the South! Granted I don't add as much sugar as most people that I know, but at least it has some flavor. That I can handle! 

I recently discovered a flavored water that is perfect for summer and beyond and is tasty enough for me to drink instead of my beloved tea. Cascade Ice Sparkling Water has everything one could possibly want in a calories, no sodium, no caffeine and gluten free and as a bonus there are a variety of delicious flavors available. Awesome! 

Lemonade is normally thought of as a refreshing summer time drink, but most people don't realize that even an ice-cold glass of lemonade can contain upwards of 30g of sugar per glass. Fortunately, we can still have that tarty lemon flavor and enjoy as many glasses as we like because Cascade Ice Sparkling Water offers three lemonade flavors, all free of calories, sugar and sodium. Over all Cascade Ice offers 21 delicious and unique flavors including Cranberry Pomegranate, McIntosh Apple and Orange Mango (my favorite!)

Find Cascade Ice Sparkling Water in assorted flavors at your favorite retailer and add a little kick to your summer! 

Visit the Cascade Ice website and follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest! 

Disclaimer: I received samples of the above product in exchange for an honest review post. 

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