Wednesday, July 8, 2015

#SCAM Alert ~ If it sounds too good to be probably is! #WAHM

If you spend any amount of time on the Internet, looking for work that you can do from home or online then you have probably had an encounter with a scam. There are countless non-legitimate opportunities out there that are luring people in and taking advantage of them. 

I recently came across one that I found on as I was searching for jobs that I can do from home and add to my growing list! Let's face it, we could all use a little extra cash and if I find something that "fits" I'll give it a shot!  So, I applied for this awesome position, which was basically reading the news for different various "mass media." You are paid for every article read and pay out is every 14 days to Paypal or Payza. 

Ok, I know some are thinking that I should have seen this from the very beginning, right? Yes, but I'm optimistic and do try to believe that good things are out there. The first tip off that I had was that when registering, they wanted my Paypal "account number." This is odd, as I've registered with many other sources to be paid via Paypal and no one has ever requested that piece of information. I then went to Payza to check it out. Hmmmmm...didn't look right to me so I Googled it. SCAM! There was nothing good about Payza online, only lots of articles and posts about people who were scammed. As I kept digging further and found information about this particular company,, I definitely had confirmation that this awesome job opportunity was definitely a scam. 

FAQ from
FAQ from
Apparently, they not only advertise on but also sites like Craigslist. Since this post, has removed the job posting that I replied to but I'm sure the scammers have created a new one, and maybe even a new company name. 

The moral of this story is if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is...but it's always worth a try to check it out. I know from my own experience, that there are legitimate online companies offering work for those who want to work from home. 

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