Saturday, July 18, 2015

Must-Have #BBQ Tools for a Great Cook-Out

There's nothing like a backyard cook-out, complete with BBQ and all of the  awesome side dishes. In Texas we love to cook on the grill, there's just something about the smell of the smoke and the sizzle of the meat on a grill that makes it taste ten times better than if it were made in the kitchen. Not to mention that cooking outside has other perks for this Mom. No messy kitchen to clean up! Yay!

There are many ways to BBQ but I've found that there are a few things that make the whole cook-out experience much easier and efficient. Grilling with the proper tools can be the start of a very successful outdoor meal.

Grill Brush
You don't want to start your awesome cook-out with a grimy grill, right? You need a durable grill brush to scrape off the remnants of the last BBQ so you can start fresh. A brush with stainless steel bristles and a scraper on the other side is awesome and the one I like also has a bottle opener on the handle. Awesome!

Long handled tongs are a necessity for turning and moving food around on the grill as it is cooking. Although a spatula is great, for some items you really need a pair of tongs to grab it, after all, you don't want your food to end up on the ground. I use Stainless Steel BBQ Tongs from Man Law Premium BBQ Tools. These tongs came in a set of three BBQ tools including the tongs, a spatula and fork. This set is heavy duty and meant to last, with long handles for safety.

Digital Meat Thermometer
Always make sure your food is thoroughly cooked. Some people settle for a good guess, but I prefer to be sure for the safety of my family. A digital meat thermometer makes it easy to know exactly what the internal temperature of your meat is pretty fast. The one I use has a five second response time. Wow! There are seven pre-set meat types on my Digital BBQ Tongs and a back lit LCD display just in case we are cooking outside at night. This one is awesome and does a great job, plus it's really easy to clean.

Basting Brush
There is always some type of sauce (BBQ Sauce) that you'll want to add to your food to enhance the taste so a basting brush is and ideal tool to have around. Again, a long handle for safety is key which is why I like this one from Man Law Premium BBQ Tools. Not only does it have an extra long stainless steel handle but it also comes with a convenient little pot and a handle for the brush. It makes life so much easier.

Hot Dog Griller
My kids love hot dogs! They could eat them almost everyday and when we cook outside, this Hot Dog Griller is so great to have. Instead of our hot dogs rolling around the grill and potentially falling off so one of our dogs can have it, they stay safe and secure in this stainless steel griller. It holds five hot dogs at one time and comes with a detachable handle.

Hamburger BBQ Basket
Where there are hot dogs grilling you'll also find hamburgers on the grill as well. This nifty basket makes grilling and flipping hamburgers a breeze. It's so nice and quick to just flip them all at once, no risk of dropping them (although my pups would be happy!) and when they are done, all are removed from the grill at once. Easy peasy!

Those are my basics for successful and easy grilling. There are several more BBQ items that I plan to add to our collection and things that would make cook-outs easier. Man Law Premium BBQ Tools has numerous BBQ Tools and Accessories that have been designed with everyday people in mind. 
Check out Man Law Premium BBQ Tools on their website and look for a retailer near you to start your own Man Law collection! 

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Disclosure: I received some of the above products for review purposes, however, all opinions are entirely my own.

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