Monday, July 6, 2015

MosquitNo keeps bugs away ~ Easy, Effective and Fun! #Summer @MosquitnoBuzz

Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only one who walks outside and is attacked by mosquitos. It's summer time in Texas and these pesky flying insects are everywhere and when they bite, it hurts! For some people, like my daughter, the bite of a mosquito isn't only uncomfortable, but causes an allergic reaction with intense itching and at times, hives. Not cool!

I've tried countless products and home remedies over the years to repel mosquitos and also for relief from their bite. Recently I received something pretty awesome for the kids and also very effective!

MOSQUITNO is all-natural bug repellent wristbands, ankle bands and cute stickers. They are super easy to use as you simply slip a band on your wrist or ankle or place a sticker anywhere on your body or clothing. This non-toxic, DEET-free mosquito repellent is a natural way to keep bugs away without using messy, sticky and often toxic sprays. My kids and I have been using them for a couple of weeks and are now able to go outside in the evenings without getting bit up and attacked by annoying bugs. We love to go out when the sun starts to go down, because it's a little cooler than mid-day in the Texas heat and now we can!

With MOSQUITNO you don't even realize that you're wearing bug repellent and I don't spend time spraying my kids from head to toe. They love it! This is simply a worry-free way to be BUG-FREE!


  • Wristbands, anklebands and SpotZzz Stickers are infused with natural citronella oil, with a pleasant citrus aroma to repel mosquitos, gnats, flies and no-see-ums. As long as you can smell the citrus aroma, the products are working! The stronger the smell, the more effective protection. One wristband should be enough to provide adequate protecton on an average day, however, depending on the density of mosquitos and the time of day, an additional MOSQUITNO product may be needed.
  • The wristbands are effective for 150 hours (6 days) and come in a resealable package to preserve effectiveness when not in use. The stickers are effective for 72 hours.
  • The sporty and comfortable silicone rubber wristband comes in a variety of colors including camoflage tie-dye and glow in the dark and in two sizes. The small band is appropriate for kids and adults with small wrists. The large band is sized to fit most adult wrists.
  • The MOSQUITNO ankel band is a new addition to the product line. It too comes with a full variety of colors and is adjustable so that the band can be placed on or be removed from the ankle without taking off shoes or boots. 
  • MOSQUITNO Spotz Stickers can be applied directly on your clothes, shoes, hats, and backpacks. They are great for providing extra protecton wherever needed, such as near the neckline when placed on hats or shirt collars. Spotz are available in themes including earth tones, primary colors, kids, sports and specialty, which include a smiley face, American flag, camo, Mosquitno logo, peace sign and sun sticker.

Can it possibly get any better than this? Sure it can! MOSQUITNO recycles! For every 10 bands you return, they will send you 2 new bands for FREE! One band to say thank you and one to cover your shipping costs. Awesome! 

Now you're ready to buy these amazing bug repellent products! MOSQUITNO bands and Spotz are available at CVS, Meijer, Tractor Supply and many other retailers or you can simply visit the website and order online.

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Disclosure: I received the above products for review purposes, however, all opinions are entirely my own.

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